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It's a Petratrip wave of sound murging on your soul!! You get in the groove and then your hypnotyzeee!! A trip hip electro beat with really good vibe!!


At first a name. Then later, a good friendship and a same goal of achievement by the need of playing good music. Then the end of a party, 5 am, awesome jam, PetraFunK was created. Playing together as a band from that time, the members began to explore all kind of grooves take makes bounce peoples on the dance floor. Some compare us to Gorillaz, others to Asien Dub Foundation or Swet Shop Union. We say that we are PetraFunK and that we Petragroove!! That's it!!


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Set List

We can go from 30 minutes to 1:30 with really good vibe and a lot of energy!!