P.E Tripp

P.E Tripp

 London, England, GBR

P.E Tripp is an all - in -one Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer and Multi Instrumentalist from London. P.E's music is a mix of Electro - Pop, RnB called "LDN Funk" with a innovative sound, the catchiest hooks and a unique tenor range & vocal tone.


P.E Tripp (Phillip Eugene Tripp) is an American/English singer-songwriter originating from London, now based in South East England, unsigned and currently unrepresented.
Tripp's interest in music began early when he was given a keyboard at the age of 7. It wasn't long before his love of singing and song-writing developed, fuelled by his mother's Motown record collection and a love for the stage whilst at school.
A singer, songwriter, producer and multi – instrumentalist, Tripp credits his part in the Church worship band as an early teen to his skills as a musician, to this day playing guitar, piano, bass, drums, djembe, Octapad and (!) beatbox.
Originally being musically inspired and crafted by the sounds of UK Garage and the underground urban scene in the Capital, he wrote his first release “Like a boy” whilst as a teenager in South London. This eventually was recorded, arranged and produced by Tripp and came out in 2008 and the music video for this original release is still available to watch on YouTube.
Since the release of “Like a boy” Tripp has evolved his sound into his own, which he currently describes as “LDN Funk” a mix of Electro, Pop, RnB and 80's Groove Funk. Add on to this - 3 years of relentless live performance, which included gigs at Camden Proud Gallery, Camden Rock, Nambucca, Walkabout, Sound Leicester Square, The Original Songwriters-Showcase, Babalou Brixton, Hoxton Cell. The Spice of Life Soho, 12 Bar, Blag Club, Vibe Bar Brick Lane and countless others across London and the South East of England. P.E Tripp has also had tracks featured on local radio, including: Southside FM in Waterloo London and more recently Uckfield FM in East Sussex where he had tracks from his upcoming album played and featured an on air live performance. P.E Tripp was also interviewed in The Stage national entertainment magazine in Jan 2010.
All releases to date have been written, arranged and performed by P.E Tripp, including every instrument and vocal arrangement. Releases currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, play.com are: "Miss Artois" (2009) "Beautiful" (2011) and most recently his debut album "By the Starlight" which is an e.p he claims to have recorded “in my Nan's boyfriend's bedroom”. This album is also available on CD (free copies to all music industry personnel – for a copy please see the No. below)
P.E Tripp is currently working on his next album, enjoying live performance, writing, collaborating and is interested in any opportunities to get more involved with the music industry, should they arise.
In 2010 Tripp also formed a duo with the talented South London artist Seb Blake, and collectively they are known as "Nichiren" the name taken from an ancient sect of Japanese Buddhism. They are currently writing and recording their first release.
Asides from music P.E Tripp is an experienced Coffee Barista, being able to deliver the perfect 30 second Espresso brew and specialising in Macchiato, Cappuccino, Americano & Latte. Tripp is aware that this may catch the attention of many management/label back room staff.
.For more information or a demo, contact P.E Tripp at: www.petripp.com
Or call: 07732 631 981


Miss Artois

Written By: Phillip Eugene Tripp

"Miss Artois"
(Phillip Eugene Tripp)

Verse 1:
Im so glad that I found the bottle,
Cause if I hadn't I would never know you.
You're all that I need right now,
aint gonna think about anything else,
except this feeling that you bring to me.

Now I know what you're thinking - 3 years is a lot,
but someone told me once it tastes better with age.
Now that I've found you I wanna let you know,
We've got so much more than just a 'Pint Sized' Love.........

Oh Miss Artois, You do something to make my heart go "Oooo" "Ahhh"
Oh Miss Artois, Liking how you've worked the magic so far.
(you make it go "Oooo" "Ahhh")
(Miss Artois, Worked your magic so far)

Verse 2
Is it Tipsy that I'm Feeling?
Cause I tried to stand up and fell back down.
My head is spinning, need my thirst quenching,
Oh I just want more & more of Miss Artois.



I just want more & more, I'm sipping alone tonight.

I just want more & more of Miss Artois
("Ooooo" "Ahhh"
Oh I just want more & more........

Rains' Fallin

Written By: Phillip Eugene Tripp

Rains Fallin’
(Phillip Eugene Tripp)

Rains fallin’ on a thousand coffee cups
And newspapers, days old.
I’m cold alone and I feel lost,
In a city paved with gold.

Verse 1:
Drips roll off the top of your hood,
Looking up in disbelief.
Trusting in the shrapnel at your feet,
Sirens ring then fade away.

Bridge 1:
Taxis deliver door to door.
Shop windows produce more and more.
Puddles gather to mirror a face,
The one I see day in, day out.


Verse 2:
Do you feel when it bites?
The wind, ice, this life?
Hope’s buried in pockets deep,
Though it’s not just treasure you seek.

Bridge 2:
Is a doorway home from home?
A pavement’s where the love is shown.
You watch them egos grow and grow.
It takes one, right here, right now.

Its falling….

Like a boy

Written By: Phillip Eugene Tripp

Like a boy
(Phillip Eugene Tripp)

You make me feel
(Like a boy in love)

Verse 1:
We can talk for hours, till the sun goes down.
Like no one else you can speak to me-
I like to think that I’m the one for you.
You fire bullets through my wings-
You strike me down, every time you smile.
Every time you smile, I’m a boy in love….

You make me feel
(Like a boy in love)

It’s how I feel…..

Verse 2:
Time to face it; He won’t be here waiting for you-
all of the time.
There’s no need to worry what they say,
Its on the inside lady come and get it.
(Lady come and get it)
From on high, he’s crossed our ways,
It was meant to be, can’t you see-
I’m a boy in love…..


Do You know (Your Sexy)

Written By: Phillip Eugene Tripp

Do you know (Your sexy)
(Phillip Eugene Tripp)

Woa oh yeah
She’s so
I know it, I know it
(I know they think your sexy)

Verse 1:
You know it takes a lot.
To impress all the ladies.
You can’t buy it.
No matter how much gold you have.

Verse 2:
He’s got it, going on and she likes it-
When he makes her laugh.
But he’s different, she won’t change that.

Pre Chorus:
She said to him “Won’t you come with me?”
“To a place so sweet, that it tastes like honey”
“And it’s in your reach, don’t you think that’s funny?”
She said to him, she said to him…….

Do you know they think you’re sexy?
(Sexy, Sexy)
X 4
(So, so, so, so, so, so sexy)

Verse 3:
All the clubs are packed tonight.
Soho, Vauxhall are alive.
It’s not the scene he likes.
Still he’s here, queuing up in line.

Verse 4:
Coke and Bacardi is everywhere.
Neon lights for the ravers here,
But he’s distant,
Coz there is only one face in his mind.

Pre Chorus:

On the Level

Written By: Phillip Eugene Tripp

Verse 1:
I know it to be true.
There’s no truth in your game –
And I’m not foolish to believe.
Anymore in disbelief.
Take one look, then I smile.
When I see you try and win me.
Keep talking your talk –
And Il watch you fade away…..
Into nothing.
Can’t you see I’m on the level?
I see you lower than me,
Stay on your face.
You think you’re above my territory.
You’re Hype (Hype) Hype (Hype)
Don’t believe it.
Verse 2:
Every time you’re around.
You’d better keep hot stepping,
Stay in line.
Time and time again.
Your manipulation sent me down.


Debut Single "Miss Artois" released digitally and available from 13 online music stores including i tunes, Amazon MP3, 7 digital, HMV online, play.com and several others from 20th December 2009

Debut E.P "By the Starlight" released 25th June 2011 and is available from 13 online music stores including i tunes, Amazon MP3, 7 digital, HMV online, play.com and several others. It is also available from www.petripp.com as a CD

Set List

I can adapt sets to meet the promoters requirements but they are usually 2 - 3 songs (15 mins max) or 7 songs (30 mins max)
1. On the Level (Original)
2. Miss Artois (Original)
3. Rains Fallin' (Original)
4. Sweat on Sweat(Original)
5. Tin Can Man (Original)
6. Do you know your sexy (Original)
7. The Empty Bottle (Original)
8. Careless Whisper(Cover)
9. Fastlove (Cover)
10.Only You (Cover)