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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"enough zine"

What can I say about this band!? They come from Luxemburg, I saw them live for so many times, always enjoyed their shows, always enjoyed their appearance and I think they truly sound different from a lot of other punk bands. For some reason, this band sometimes gives me the feeling of being really a true punkrocker, without having a Mohawk or living in a squat. I know quite a few people who don't like the typical Petrograd-sound, but this band has been around for so many years, they have so much to say and I was always interested in those political lyrics. I know that a band can change the mind of a young person and not only for this reason I consider myself as a Petrograd fan. - n.a.

"noiseworks rec."

Luxembourg's Alternative Emo Punk Rocker PETROGRAD come with a new album and wonderful 56-side fat book-like CD artwork. Clever arranged melodies, poppy guitar sounds, political correct lyrics with passion. The comparison with early Chumbawumba does not limp by any means. A critical soundtrack of the new millenium of globalization and exploitation with purchase to September, 11. A trans European cooperation between the labels Pozoin (Spain), Christophers (Luxembourg), Noiseworks (Germany). "For me that's the matured, which I've heard up to now of Petrograd." (Ox) - karsten zinsik


Petrograd "a guy called Gianni" 7" (2003)
Petrograd "nineoneone" cd/lp (2002)
Petrograd + J church split 7" (2002)
Petrograd "pathetic" ep (2001)
Petrograd + Daddy longleg split (2001)
Petrograd "another happy tale" (2000)
Petrograd "until someone fails" ep (2000)
Petrograd "abc" cd/lp (2000)
Petrograd "isabelle" cd/lp (1999)
Petrograd + Elektrolochmann split (1999)
Petrograd + Kontra la paré split (1998)
Petrograd + Freak show split (1998)
Petrograd + Active minds split (1998)
Petrograd + Soul Season split (1997)


Feeling a bit camera shy


in 6 years we played over 350 shows all over europe, and when back home we did new songs and recorded stuff for several releases. Our first full length album came out in 1999 on subway records................and only 11 month later we decided to record "a.b.c." which came out on 13 different labels in countries such as austria, england, greece, brazil, argentina, chile, germany, luxembourg and the bask country! we had the chance to sell over 10000 copies of that record and we got to play many shows and go to know damn great people all over the world.

In october 2002 the 3rd longplayer has been released on several labels POZOIN BANAKETAK (Spain) Noiseworks Rec. (Germany) Skuld Releases (Germany) and Christophers Rec. (Luxembourg). Further on the band released a videoclip for "july 20th" feat. on the new record "nineoneone" available on the net.

Recently the band has done a line-up change, we welcome Alex and Petz as new members. Petrograd will do a small tour in east germany in august