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When Petroleum's founder Braden sequestered himself to create the band's Digital Vinyl Records debut "Emerge", he meticulously mined the purest elements of Industrial, Gothic, Alt-Rock, Punk and Metal, laying down deep, evocative vocals, heavy bass, explosive guitars and mind-altering synthesizers. Today, Braden is joined by Devin Devoor (guitar/bass/synths) and Zack Fagan (Drums/programming). Petroleum's members have a wide variety of musical influences that contribute to the overall sound of the band. The result is a collection of genre-defying yet genre-intensifying compositions. Born of the dark- diverse, yet cohesive, heavy, yet ethereal.

With a fresh creative outlook, the Petroleum sound is really evolving, hence the title to their next album...EVOLVE. Expect heavier and more dynamic arrangements, bigger bass and crunchier guitars. Look out for songs with unique electronic samples, synths, acoustic guitars, all rounded up by Braden’s familiar deep brooding vocals. The band expects to release an EP in October followed by a full-length album in early 2008. They will be touring throughout Southern California in support of the new release.


Drive LP

Petroleum EP

Evolve LP

Say Goodbye to the sun (currently in the studio)

Set List