Out to create the perfect pop song...but wait! some of them have a dark side. Folk rock and guitar-rock roots are woven with harmony-laden, unaffected, soft vocals.


from hotel lounges in Norway to a Rush tribute band to Woodstock, our musical cv's are as diverse as they come!

We got together because we wanted to get better, and make music that is not overwrought, just good.

In the 2 years that we have been together, we have had 2 babies, a marriage, a CD in the works, and we survived the longest, least rewarding, sleaziest, most drawn out music festival in existence. Hooray!


Perfect Reject

Written By: Samantha Angel

If you get a moment you can recognize the torment in me. Only you can heal my wounds only you can make me complete. When you get a moment I will show you what you ought to be seeing I will keep you up all night I will be your perfect being. You could be my hope in a bottle, my hope in a bottle yeah. I could be your sole survivor, your last surviving love. Enslave me, Obtain me, Perfect me , Reject me. You're good in the worst times, I'm bad in the best times. You could be my open book in detail you will show yourself to me. revealing all your secrets will tell me who I could be . You will be my guarded tomb you will be my sacrificial lamb, knowing you completely will tell me who I am. What you do with your own life is no interest of mine. All I want is every moment, each day and hour of your time. Enslave me, Obtain me, Perfect me , Reject me. I will take you down to my world. You'll live forever.

Beat You To It

Written By: Samantha Angel

They Said I hope you're used to disappointment
Looks like it's time to pound the pavement
The position is yours to choose
Do you want to be the poet or the muse?
Oh, I'll survive it
Yeah I'll just 9-5 it
You can't out-martyr me
I'm sorry to say but I beat you to it
Hey Sugar, sugar, I know the way there
My favourite place, but I don't want to say where
How 'bout they just drop us at the station
whaddaya say we take us a vacation?
Oh, it's too expensive, so, let's go all-inclusive
You cannot out-martyr me, I'm sorry to say
but I beat you to it yeah, yeah, oh
Insincerity pushes them away
now I'm headed for a breakdown anyday
I'll own up to my deceit
I don't want to be complete
I just want to complain
afraid of what I might gain
yeah disenfranchise it, yeah, supersize


a 3-song EP will be out in June 2006

Set List

typical originals set: Throwback City, Beat You to it, I can't pretend, Won't Come Down, Tonight, Perfect Reject, Forgetting, Winter, Stop Talking, Got it Bad

some covers: Torn, Fool in the Rain, Spiderwebs, Just What I needed, That's Just What you are, Celestine, Another one bites the Dust