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A rather interesting beat introduces this song and for a pop tune this is definitely a plus as the attention is grabbed right away. The good use of low-end EQ makes sure that a nice boom is present in the rhythm parts without sounding too muddy and this I felt was a very strong suit to this song.

What I was immediately not keen on was the lyrics and the vocals. For one, the vocals felt breathy and thin. The voice felt real plain here without much passion, no real range or dynamic. It wasn't poor by any means but there really was nothing outstanding or mind-blowing about the vox by any stretch of the means. On top of that they were also too far back in the mix, not by much, but by enough to just have to strain at times in order to hear the words. This could be due to the choice of effects used on the voice as it all felt a bit overdone and it certainly buried them down a bit.

As for the lyrics, well, they seem personal but it's hard to tell because millions of songs have been about the exact same topic. There was nothing auspiciously poetic about the way they were sung either and no real wit or hyperbole were used to colour them a bit for listening pleasure. As they stood they were up front and basic and did little to grab me as the listener.

The melody itself was also a bit scarce. Besides the well balanced rhythm section the synths with all the 'oohs' and 'aahs' felt a bit too over-powering and made the mix sound too jumbled. There was nothing particularly catching about the other synth work with everything sort of flowing to the melody the vocals were setting out and thus nothing really help keen interest.

The recording here is fairly well done and if a bigger producer came aboard this ship there could well be potential. But as it stands this song is instantly forgettable and really needs some life breathed into it in order to find mainstream success.
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Rock Wit U-Single



With fresh tracks, hot vocals and dance steps unlike any other. Petros Superstar! indeed lives up to his name. The 20 year old singer is ready to make a splash with his controversial single 'Blondes Like Booze and Blow' Produced by Ayo who has worked with Soulja Boy and Arab. The song speak of the constant stereotypes of Blonde party girls gone wild, yet it's all done in a joking matter. His second single the radio and club friendly 'Rock Wit U' is a pop anthem that is bound to be #1 on the billboard charts with the catchy hook and retro beat there is no way you can deny the song Look out for his debut EP 'BLONDES LIKE BOOZE AND BLOW' debuting in february.