Pets With Pets

Pets With Pets

 Collingwood, Victoria, AUS

Australia’s kraut/no-wave duo feature caustic punk vocals and pitch black guitar/keyboard sonics underpinned by drill-quick motorik drumming. Their track features on the Brand Neu! tribute album alongside Sonic Youth & Primal Scream and is described by Alex Miller (NME) as “One fucking cool song"


Genre: Noise / Krautrock / No Wave / Experimental Pop / Post-Punk

Origin: Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia

My Space:

Management: Ben Thompson

Pets with Pets are:
Zayd Thring - Synth, Guitar, Vocals
Jonathan Edmonds - Drums and Percussion

In 2008, Collingwood’s (Melbourne, Australia) Pets with Pets posted 3 home recorded tracks on their MySpace page. One of the tracks, a snarly kraut/no-wave demo ‘The Girl Up and Down’ was described by Alex Miller (then New Music Editor at NME), as “euphoric” and “one fucking cool song”. The resulting interest sparked comparisons among music bloggers to the progressive sounds of early Krautrock.

In March 2009, Rene Renner, MD at Gronland Records, (home of Neu! and Harmonia) invited Pets With Pets to provide a track for a tribute to German Krautrock pioneers Neu! The track ‘We Only Found This Place’ was placed (alongside tracks by Sonic Youth, Primal Scream, Holy Fuck, Foals and LCD Soundsystem) on the 2009 tribute album Brand Neu!

Pets With Pets have recently played with And You Will Know us by the Trail Of Dead (USA), Telepathe (USA), Jay Reatard (USA) and No Age (USA) plus toured with Australian bands Wolf And Cub (4AD) and The Scare.

“we play our own type of music that we like to call "Post-Agriculture" which draws influences from tribal influences and Ancient Astronaut theories and philosophies but with a modern DIY ethic which is rife in Melbourne. Post-Agriculture is a term used to describe the ascension of human life for when the aliens return or the outcome of a looming apocalypse where there will be no room for agriculture and we will all be surviving in a desert wasteland off the meat from bugs and other creatures that will have survived. We are just making a soundtrack for this era”
- Zayd Thring - Pets With Pets

“They are called Pets With Pets and darn they’ve got one fucking cool song”.
- Alex Miller - NME

“Singer N(Z) animaux has a sneer that sounds like shit tastes and he spits it across this fuzzing Sonic Youth barrage while his guitar gentle pukes. Somehow it ends up pretty euphoric. Weird
- NME Radar

“entrancing, in a caustic fashion
- Dan Watt – Beat Magazine

"maybe the best thing to happen in collingwood since smack"
- Acid Jacks

“dreamy, atmospheric and melancholic then what sounds like manic barking” - - -


We Only Found This Place 7" Single (envex records
Brand Neu! Compilation (Feraltone

Set List

It is all original material. A typical Pets with Pets set list goes for around 40 minutes (depending on the amount of improv that goes on in between songs) 30 - 50 minutes is a good estimate. However there is enough original material to go for over an hour.
Song titles in the current set list include:

We only found this place
The Girl Up and Down
Aquatic Life
Pixie Child (Lightning Strikes the Atrium)
Acid Girls make the best...
Saturday I Died