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"Petticoat, Petticoat Provides Listeners With A Little Bit Of Summer Year-Round"

"Petticoat has crafted songs that will bring a little bit of summer to your stereo any time of year. Though they draw from many present-day indie-rock icons, their music would not sound out of place on a mix tape of classic songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Check them out for yourself at, and if you’re going to the show, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." - The Georgtonian

"Featured Artist"

"Petticoat, Petticoat should have been on my site long ago...(they) have been carving a nice little niché for themselves in the Lexington area. Let me say that I’m downright floored that this came from Lexington. It’s some great pop music and I can’t wait to see them perform again." - You Ain't No Picasso Audioblog (Lexington, KY)

"Petticoat, Petticoat's Pop Interpretation"

"The formulaic nature of pop music, a jaded musical aspect to some, is a characteristic Petticoat, Petticoat embraces and uses as a frame to encompass their art." - The Chevy Chaser Magazine

"Show Preview (7/12/06)"

" harp and shoe-gazing in a beautiful, re-usable package..." - The Twisted Branch (Charlottesville, VA)

"Featured Artist For The Day (6/19/06)"

"It goes without saying that a band from Lexington, Kentucky that is this good would have been on the radar for awhile now. Petticoat, Petticoat have some lovely melody-driven songs that are just sweet enough to be really appealing." - Villains Always Blink Audioblog (British Columbia, Canada)

"Every Mother's Child Album Review"

"It's tough to imagine a local band with a sound more beautifully suited to summer. And now, Petticoat, Petticoat has the proof: a sumptuous debut album called Every Mother's Child. It's full of luminous pop melodies (Redevelop, China Plate), bright electric grooves (Glittering Heels, Crosshair) and a touch of folkish reflection (Love in an Alley)." - The Lexington Herald-Leader (Lexington, KY)

"Every Mother's Child Album Review"

"Petticoat, Petticoat impressively shows off its singer/songwriter might in their debut album, keeping their music almost as pure as the ethereal green grass and bundle of flowers in the guitar on the album cover . Further growth in future albums should get you hearing Petticoat’s name more and more."

Score: 9/10 - Comfort Comes (Chicago, IL)

"Every Mother's Child Album Review"

"Petticoat, Petticoat keeps it simple and wins, showing modest and mature talent that’s sure to only get better." - Losing Today - The Indie Music Magazine

"Every Mother's Child Album Review"

"It sounds strange to say, but some of the maturest lyrics to come out of Lexington this year are from a band barely old enough to give patronage to the bars in which they play. On their debut album, Every Mother's Child, Petticoat gives a glossy update to folk styles of a bygone era. As if the lyrics and subject matter didn't prove the Petticoat, Petticoat gang wise beyond their years, lead vocalist Kristin Messina adds the finishing touches.
After completing the album, you'll swear you just heard a young Stevie Nicks. If they can keep up this kind of output, Petticoat, Petticoat won't be Lexington's best kept secret very long." - Wildcat Weekly (Lexington, KY)

"Band Profile"

"Petticoat, Petticoat promises to not only bring with it the smooth vocals from the beautiful lead singer Kristin Messina, but a full band that is nothing less than amazing. A sense of the 1960's, mixed with the ever-growing modern folk revival, makes Petticoat, Petticoat something special... whether the songs reflect true love or life in their hometown, this band is yearning to get your attention with its sweet sounds." - Midwest Music Summit Festival Guide (Indianapolis, IN)


"Every Mother's Child" - LP - July 11th, 2006 (Kalmia Records)
"White Love" - EP - October 2005 - (Self-Released)
"Like Puzzles" - EP - May 2005 - (Self-Released)

Petticoat, Petticoat has appeared on the following compilations:
"MMS Music Sampler 2006" - featuring Margot & The Nuclear So And So's, Silversun Pickups, Parlour Boys, The Elms, and more
"Know Your Own: Volume 2" a compilation CD released by WRFL and the Lexington Project in February of 2006.

Petticoat, Petticoat is in regular rotation on WRFL88.1 in Lexington, KY, as well as other college radio stations (such as WRFU in Urbana, IL, WEEM in Indianapolis, IN, and WUAG in Greensboro, NC, to name a few) throughout the states in which they have toured.



"Write about what you know, and the rest will write itself," as the adage goes.

Few could have guessed that such an intimate lover's tease could foster the catchy indie jangles that have made a name for Petticoat, Petticoat. Lyrically, many of the songs are love letters between long time sweethearts Dickie Haydon (currently of The Scourge Of The Sea) and Kristin Messina. Others speak of life changes, or their hometown of Lexington, Kentucky acting as their muse. The core of Petticoat, Petticoat is the duo of Haydon & Messina; highly autobiographical singer/songwriters that are easily accessible to fans of various genres. Working as a collective, these two, with the help of close friends, enjoy collaborating on anything from ideas on a whim to finished products. The very first words of their debut full-length album, "Every Mother's Child," dictates, "The easiest songs are the most beautiful ones..." and it's this philosophy, of simplicity breeding elegance, that creates their uniquely catchy sound.

Petticoat, Petticoat has been more than fortunate to share the stage with:

- Thee American Revolution (Robert Schneider Of The - Apples In Stereo)
- Anathallo (Artist Friendship)
- Bishop Allen (Polyvinyl Records)
- The City On Film (Bob Nanna of Braid/Hey Mercedes)
- Codeseven (Equal Vision Records)
- The Forecast (Victory Records)
- Harry & The Potters (Marketing Geniuses)
- The Late B.P. Helium (Members of Of Montreal)
- Mates Of State (Barsuk Records)
- Murder By Death (Eyeball Records)
- The New Amsterdams (Vagrat Records - Matthew Pryor Of The Get Up Kids)
- Page France (Suicide Squeeze Records)
- Say Hi To Your Mom (Euphobia Records)
- The Scourge Of The Sea (Alias Records)
- These United States (Gypsy Eyes Records)
- and many more…

Petticoat, Petticoat also performed at the 6th annual Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis, IN. This event featured 300+bands (like Margot & The Nuclear So And So's, Silversun Pickups, Murder By Death, Wheatus, and more) on 30+ stages.

Petticoat, Petticoat has completed a number of successful, regional tours performing in states such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and more in 2005, 2006, and early 2007.

Petticoat, Petticoat released their debut full-length album, Every Mother's Child, on Kalmia Records on July 11th, 2006. Currently they are supporting the release of their new album and have just returned from their regional 8-state tour in early January with fellow Lexingtonians, The Scourge Of The Sea (Alias Records).

Notable venues in which Petticoat, Petticoat (or members of) have performed:
The Bottle Tree (Birmingham, AL)
Churchill's Pub (Miami, FL)
Club Downunder (Tallahassee, FL)
The Dame (Lexington, KY)
Exit-In (Nashville, TN)
Iota (Arlington, VA)
The Irving Theatre (Indianapolis, IN)
Martyr's (Chicago, IL)
The Mercy Lounge (Nashville, TN)
The Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)
Tasty World (Athens, GA)
The Velvet Lounge (Washington, DC)
Wetlands Dancehall (Chapel Hill, NC)
and many more...