Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo


Hard Rockin music thats not overly heavy and easy to get into. The band is experienced and able to play the music very well live.


We are a Wisconsin Based band that has members that have all been playing for a good number of years. We have talent. Most of our influence is deffinately on the rock to heavy rock side. Were a fun lovin, beer drinking bunch that arent affraid to party a bit in the process of kickin out a bunch of tunes. Weve managed to put togeather about 15 to 20 originals to keep things interesting. We chose the name Petting Zoo one night after quite a few beers, thinking it could be a fun play on words as well as the fact that a number of places we play would have to put up with parents bringing their kids expecting to be playing with fluffy little animals. Most of our inluences come from 70's and 80's rock bands as well as a few of the heavier late 60's bands. Since the late 80's theres only been a handful of bands worthy of influence. Checking out our website which is very rough and constantly under construction ) you will be able to hear a few songs we threw togeather in a weekend recording session in a friends basement. They're decent quality but we wish we could have spent a lot more time on them.


Gimme-chasing my tail-dirty prancing-call me jack-hide away-got to go-tear it off-chip away-outta beer blues-what I see-destroyer-buyers guide women-no place are some of our original titles. We also have 6 or 8 that were working on that we haven't named yet.

Set List

Our typical set list is 13 or 14 songs' sometimes more depending on the situation. We usually do 3 sets in a night which last about 70 minutes. For cover songs we do bands like Black Sabbath,Green Day,Lynard Skynard,Tom Petty, Stone Temple Pilots,Creed,3 Doors Down,Montrose,Led Zepplin,ZZ Top,James Gang,Neil Young, Radiohead,Jet,Smashing Pumpkins,Judas Priest,7 Mary 3, well you get the idea.