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"New Band Spotlight: Pettybone"

Trans-national hardcore ragers PETTYBONE have been shaking things up in London for the past few months, injecting some much needed socially conscious girl rage into the largely boy-centric punk scene in this city. Ivona, Amy, Lianna and Zel make up Pettybone, from Czech Republic, Germany, London and Cornwall respectively! Their music is fairly unclassifiable in the best way, but mixes bits of ‘big’ sounding metallic hardcore that’s heavy on the chug with mid-paced, almost crusty sounds and a dose of ’90s-style impassioned melody. It’s just really exciting.

Of their name, they say:

We’re named after the artist Raymond Pettibon with a feminine twist [...] One of most – if not the most iconic artist in punk rock. Although a few people have asked if we are Undertow / Edge Of Reason tribute band after John Pettibone. However this is not true.

They’ve just recorded an album in Putney with Sam Thredder, which has been mixed by Kurt Ballou, and are currently looking for someone to put it out.

You can listen to their demo, being given away at shows, currently here. - Maximum Rock N Roll

"ALBUM: Pettybone, From Desperate Times Comes Radical Minds"

The words “all-girl Punk band” are rarely met with adoration or joy. Whatever you put it down to, there are few female bands that manage to be successful in the metal/punk world. But here come Pettybone to make that a thing of the past.

Having engaged in a relentless touring schedule, they are now ready to unleash their ferocious debut album, ‘From Desperate Times Come Radical Minds’. And when we say ferocious, we mean ferocious. The declaration at the top of the self titled first track, “Pettybone is the voice of the voiceless. Pettybone is the voice of the oppressed. The sound of the revolt for all those that they were told they’re useless…” and so on through a left wing rallying call that descends into a dirty, heavy hardcore punk anthem. And that’s pretty much how it continues until the end. It’s a relentless, hard and fast modern punk album that has you pumped and angry right up until the last note has rung out, and even after you feel like you want to change the world.

And they have unwittingly chosen the right time to release this fantastic debut. With Frank Carter leaving Gallows and the remaining members taking them down a different road, there is a window available for some angry British hardcore. Not that they need it, however, with their political edge they are a band the world needs right now. Feminist, anarchist, they are helping to bring the piss and vinegar back to the British heavy music scene. Plain and simple, they could do big things now.

8/10 - Bring the Noise

"'From Desperate Times Comes Radical Minds' review"

I first became aware of Pettybone via the venerable—and these days, slightly smug—institution that is MRR, when they featured this multi-national, UK-based quartet in their “new band” slot a few months ago. There is something about female-fronted punk/hardcore bands I find intriguing. More often than not, it’s got to do with the different vocal sound one gets when listening to the band that adds a new dimension that male-fronted bands just cannot achieve. Other times it’s just because of the lyrical content, which is frequently of a different nature, or comes from a different angle.

Although their demo had something going for it, their debut album really does place Pettybone at the forefront of the UK hardcore/punk (whichever genre, tag, etc., you want to label the band with) scene. It’s an amalgam of pure hardcore rage directed towards a variety of targets across society, offset by some hypnotic blues-style punk that permeates a number of tracks, ensuring that what you get is not just a one-dimensional approach (the hidden track is very much a blues-inspired piece of work).

Opening with the track “Pettybone“, which is referred to as their manifesto, it would seem as if a huge flag is being unfurled under which everyone who feels oppressed, separated, downtrodden and/or without an outlet for their objections to the world can come together as one, to feel as if there is a way forward and potentially a way out of their situation(s). There may be a hint of a Utopian view there, but nevertheless it’s a call to arms, for if one doesn't rebel then there is no chance of a better outcome and you can’t say you've given it your all. To say that this song resonates more given recent events across England would be to miss a huge point of what it is about. Although it’s purely not just a backing track to the riots, it’s so much more than that—it’s the sound of a potential revolution taking place. Here, Pettybone have set their stall out and it’s possible to see their rallying call as a song for hope as much as a reflection of the bleakness that is spread across the UK (and beyond).

With Ivona providing vocals that can swing from an almost relaxed indie feel to a Linda Blair Exorcist-style scream in an instant, it demonstrates that Pettybone are able to add variety to what they do. Searing guitars and an extremely rhythmic bass, aided and abetted violently by a highly destructive-sounding drum attack, the music certainly has a visceral quality to it that draws me in, much more than bands like Gallows ever managed to do.

I feel that to attempt to dissect the lyrics could do a disservice to Pettybone—the best thing for anyone who might be interested in the band could do is read them, along with the brief descriptions to the songs on their website . This should easily give an insight into what the band is all about, other than creating an all-encompassing musical assault.

Picking a favourite song is easy here—“I Love You! Oh, Say It with Cobblestones!” really has something about it that makes it my standout track here. I’m not too sure I can explain what that something is, but it’s there!

It would be a huge shame if Pettybone were only considered of interest to readers of MRR (most of whom would be already singing from the same song sheet as the band itself) and those already aware of the band, as they demand, rather than deserve, a wider audience. Check them out, read the lyrics, go and see the band, seek out their demo (you can download it for free from the internet), but don’t ignore them, as to do so will be tantamount to sitting back and saying that there is no need to fight back and that all is fine with the world. Help them carry that flag. -


'From Desperate Times Come Radical Minds' album released in Europe Sept 2011



Pettybone were drawn together through the individual struggles they had encountered in their lives and the desire to speak up about their experiences. Their music is "the sound of the revolt"; raw, angry and deeply emotional, taking you sonically on a journey of self-empowerment. Put more simply by the band : "what once was powerless becomes powerful and the catalyst for this change is Pettybone"