Pewter Cub

Pewter Cub

 Hamtramck, Michigan, USA

poignantly dirty torch-song-shoegaze-surfwave-power pop...


= three people making sound and show with motion, instruments and ideas. Pewter Cub began playing shows in early 2008 and has been active ever since. With a range of influences from shoegaze to postpunk to psychedelia to jangle-pop, the band has often been compared to Sonic Youth and Helium. The hypnotic rhythms and Regan Lorie's hauntingly beautiful voice have been winning over crowds around the Detroit area. Their debut album "The Door Opened, You Got In" was released in August of 2010.


"The Door Opened, You Got In"-
self released LP, 8 tracks 34 minutes
recieving airplay on CJAM radio

Set List

sets average 30-40 minutes, usually consisting of some or all of the following:

Wounded Satellite
Soda Fountain
As You Were
Tiger Blue Eyes
Frozen Fire
Silent Movie
Black Music
Wallflower Mourner
My Heart Burns There Too
King Baby