Pey Dalid

Pey Dalid

 New York City, New York, USA

Pey Dalid performs a unique blend of musical styles, incorporating Roots, Rock, Reggae and many other popular genres into a unique mix of worldly sounds. Their upbeat and funky melodies are sung both in English and Hebrew bringing spectators to their feet!


From Jazz to Reggae to Jewish music, Pey Dalid encompasses all. A true World music band with seasoned musicians who have shared the stage with musical greats such as:Johnny Russo, members of John Brown's Body, Djug Django, Lew Soloff (Blood, Sweat, and Tears), Walter White (The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra), Paul Hanson (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), Neshama Carlebach, I-Joe, Soulfarm, Moshav and Matisyahu to name a few.

Pey Dalid has charted many World music festivals, such as NYC Benefit for Haiti, Matzah Bowl, Inaugural Tribal Music Fest@ Brooklyn Bowl, Israel Music Fest, and more. From Synagogues to Stadiums, and recently described as Neo Classic Mediterranean Rock's answer to "The Tower of Power"... Pey Dalid is sure to leave a footprint on World Music today.


Spiritual War

Written By: Pey Dalid

Children of the one let’s come together
We’re living side by side
Face to face we will become the one
The one and only one
In this time and in this place
Together we will overcome
We will overcome
And bring peace

Peace not war
We are the children
In this war
For our freedom
Spiritual war
In our generation
In this war
We are the children

Children dance
Dance in the streets now
Our freedom is coming now
Our freedom is coming up
Over horizon
Children dance
Dance in the streets now
Our freedom is coming now
Our freedom is coming up
Over Zion’s horizon's war

Song of Freedom

Written By: Pey Dalid

Song of freedom blowing in the wind
Song of freedom blowing from within
Gather all friends
Hear the sound of what can be
One voice
One heart
Shall set us free

Dance across the forest in the night
Dance across the forest in our light
If you’ve gathered to sing this song
It will
Hold you
Bring you along

Open Eyes

Written By: Pey Dalid

Now see this world through a whole new light
How sweet it is to be alive
So alive
We got up stood up stood up for what was right
The world seen through these open eyes
The world seen through these open eyes

Hidden throughout time
Their words so clear
Gathered us together
Leaders without fear

Gave us a chance to love
We have loved
Gave us a chance to be one
We are one
Gave us a chance to be free
We are free
We’re witnesses alive through these open eyes
Witnesses alive through these open eyes

I Believe in Miracles

Written By: Pey Dalid

Brethren, this is my ode to the masses
My learning to the people
This is about the sun and us
The sun is the powerful entity in our solar system
It gives us light, it gives us heat
But on a hot bright day
When we walk outside, we can not see
We are blinded by that light
But if we extend our One Hand
Our One Hand extended
And we put it above our brow
Our vision is restored
We have reaffirmed our relationship with that mighty sun
If we take that One Hand
That same One Hand Extended
And extend it to our fellow man, woman and child
In love and in peace and in helping
We can accomplish everything
And therefore, because our one hand extended is so mighty
I Believe in Miracles

I believe in miracles, it’s a must to go on


Written By: Pey Dalid

He will unite
He will bring peace to the world
He will unite
We will see peace in our time
He will unite
No more tears and no more pain
He will unite
Hashem unite

He will unite, We will unite
He will bring peace to the world, Shalom Shalom
He will unite, Unite tonight
We will see peace in our time
See peace in our time now
He will unite
Words of our profits we say
No more war
No More war
He will unite
Unite tonight
Hashem unite

We will follow you home
Home to Zion
We will follow you home
Home to Zion
We will follow you home
Follow you all the way home
We will follow you home

What you talkin' about?
Pey Dalid were stylin' before you even thought you was down
How you gon' have the hava to even come out your mouth
MCs spit inyanim they know nothing about
Your lying is dry like you had chalk in your mouth
A portal of moralists now
Forget mark of the beast, this is the mark of the bounce
Bling rings & things? My yidden flossin' a crown
Got all my forces loud, I'm anointing the ground
When you encounter the immortal it's just normal to bow
I just click and point my sound
Just tryin' to avoid poison now!
Ain't it time to be righteous? The whole pulpit is foul!
Fundamental in the mental - no torture allowed!
Unfortunate how you let 'em boss you around
I'm running in, coming to tell you, you wasn't born to be down
This whole ocean of devotional style!
Choose and see
Why I got 'em clinging like Ruth to me
Rov of this culture is shtuss to me
Right - just don't interfere with the 6-1-3
Divine light shining uniting the world
From the depths of the abyss come diamonds & pearls
Let the dream of the people be peace on earth
B/c if He's on first, the prize is beyond worth
Beyond value - we gon' shine thru
Keep your eyes, let Y advise you
Idbak b'sitra d'dachyu
'Cuz this life is short like haikus

Ani Maamin
B’emuna Shlaema

B’viat Hamashiach
Ani Maamin


Open Eyes (2009)
Garden of Eden (2005)

Set List

* Spiritual War
* Song of Freedom
* Open Eyes
* Asher Bara
* Pada
* B'shaym Hashem
* Hodu
* Unite
* I Believe In Miracles
* Open Eyes (Dub Mix)

Traditional Jewish songs for special occasions such as weddings, fundraisers, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, as well as a large repertoire of funk, reggae, rock and rhythm covers.