Peyoti for President

Peyoti for President

 London, England, GBR
BandWorldAdult Contemporary

Peyoti for President have become one of the UK's most successful independent bands, having played some of Europe's most notorious festivals alongside the biggest names in the business. They have successfully fused pop/rock with world influence creating genuinely new and exciting music for 2011


Welcome..! the New Champions of International Sound & Universal message.

London's Peyoti for President have played profile slots at festivals such as Przystanek Woodstock (Poland), Rockwave (Greece), Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Sfinks (Belgium), Bestival & Glastonbury (UK) and venues across Europe & UK including, Brixton Academy, 02 Shepherds Bush Arena, Londons Roundhouse, Queen Elizabeth Hall etc. The band have supported or featured alongside top world class artists such as Manu Chao, Massive Attack, Iggy Pop, Nigel Kennedy, Buena Vista Social Club, Ojos de Brujo, Ozomatli, Tinariwen & headlined many concerts in the UK and Europe.

Peyoti for President released their debut album in May 2009 to critical acclaim in both mainstream music press and specialist world/roots press, Rock n' Reel describing it as "Genuinely & Shockingly Original", Rolling Stone praising the album; "Agitation via world music hasn't been this enthralling for a long time" and The Independent giving the album the top album rating, "hits the ground running and doesn't let up for a moment." TIME OUT recently described the band as "Euphoric global sounds...New era conquistadors of Political Punk" & Songlines as "Incendiary music - they cannot and surely will not be ignored." Fly Global by claiming "Welcome..! the New Champions of International sound and Universal message."


Yo No Quiero Trabajar

Written By: Pietro DiMascio

So listen we’re here in a new situation,
Sedation, the methods of the government controlling the nation,
To blindly drive the economy,
push over shove and together we’re gonna be,
Hand over fist, dog eating dog and together we’ll be..
The leaders of development with sparkling technology
But you must conform to the blue-print you see.

Ideal citizen, 21st century, disciplined, conditioned brain washed, identity?
No need for your thought nor comment,
Please let me sedate you with cable T.V.
Ideal citizen, 21st century, sodomy..
Cause I think you’ll agree
That we’re all getting buggered by the man with the plan to exploit you & me
And everything we could be
Everything we should be
Everything we will be, yes my friend everything we will be
yes my friend everything we will be…

Cause we’re talking of a new revolution
Let anger dissolve into strict resolution for something better,
Born out of confusion, out of delusion
a radical change of evolved evolution.
And yes, let me put it to you
That we are all the same & we are complete
And together we are what our ancestors once called - God


Yo no quiero trabajar
Yo no quiero trabajar
y yo no lo quiero trabajar
sencillamente quiero bailar

Y no me intersa tener
Y no me intersa tener
Y no me intersa tener
Todo lo que habrá que devolver… ha!!


Pero, yo quiero la vida nocturna
yo quiero la mama cita mamasita
yo quiero la triste monalisa
yo quiero la musica picante


No me gusta la gente
trabaja por esto
trabaja por eso
trabaja siempre
siempre con prisa
siempre le falta
siempre por nada
siempre cansada

Take A leap

Written By: Pietro Dimascio

I come from a very old family
I come from a time long ago
I come here today to be with you
I come here today just to show….. you see,
I could be anyone of you,
I live in the sky up above you
I live in the earth down below you
And I live…

Verse 1
Hit the jip with the jip of the nation
Ain’t never took a penny from a penny provocation,
As I ground with the pound of the flesh that I’m taking
So if you wanna have a revolutionary conversation.

Bridge 1
Oh my, how I spy, with my little eye, the paradoxical pie,
How can we sustain, the seemingly endless gain
A million consumer varieties dictatin’ how we ought to live

Listen Mr Sleaze politician
Cause the people have chosen to speak
Now we’re not very pleased with the system
You’re mistaken to think we’re asleep
Your indifference so disappoints us
Your contempt for the world so annoys us,
So, as your employer we regret to inform ya,
take your coat take your hat take a leap (take a leap)

Verse 2
Tell me Mr Politician man your manifesto
So you wanna be the ruler of the world, I kinda guessed so
Mr Greed, Mr Sleaze, Mr Multi-corporation
Now we gonna manifest our celestial best & reclaim the power for the people


Bridge 2
So this time feel, see the sign of our demise
Nobody is indestructible
Or we must be prepared, cause no one will be spared
Sacrifice your comfort zone for something more than you alone


My oh my, see the signs, read be…. Tween the lines, cause only we can make a difference.
Bridge 3
Oh my,
see the sign
Read between the lines
Cause only you can make a difference

Wake Up Rise Up

Written By: Pietro DiMascio

Now I don’t wanna shit, but there’s something goin’ down
Just 20 years from now the sun & the moon and the clouds
Could be different from today
Not too pleasant they say
The man in the suit with the starched buttoned collar is sweating to death but we’re too hot to bother

We go so fast that the world will never catch us
At least that’s what we’d like
But we, scorch the sky with our careless lives
Look at the people that we vote to represent us
the mess that they now present us with
Oh I oh I, it makes me want to cry

Wake Up, Rise Up
Listen to your conscience
21st Century up-rising is so overdue
And it’s down to me and you
It’s your life their lies you choose
What you’re gonna do
Or just sit back, relax, turn on the TV

It’s their to control us
To sedate manipulate and console us
& just in case you didn’t know
I thought I’d come and tell you so cause
We the People, break the system,
Just in case you thought that they were listening forget…
They’re too busy beatin’ each other
You’re mother, you’re father you’re sister, you’re brother..

Wake Up, Rise Up listen to your conscience
Cause it’s your responsibility
Not her, not him, not they, but me

We The People

Written By: Pietro DiMascio

Verse 1

We the people get down with the sound of the clown like a man on the moon,
We the people get mad when you tell us that we need another army platoon.
We the people don’t buy all the shit that exudes from your lip with the jip that you jip
We buy the papers that give us information see the faces you’re facin’ go boom!!

Verse 2

We make plans for a new civilisation, hope for the world, hope for the nation.
We don’t buy your political lies with your fantasy highs, your celebrity lives,
Down with the television, bye bye
Down, down with the magazines bye bye
Down, down with the things we no longer wanna buy
Down Mr politician man bye bye

Commodity, pathology an craven anti-ology,
Competing in a partnership of broken ideology
God made the world but the world now makes God
& we sell him on the internet n reinvent the alphabet
Take our words and they twist all the meaning,
Kill you for talking and pay you for stealing
The liberty and freedom of another nation
But what the hell, if it stops the inflation
A capitalist system of globalisation...

mmm, ya know, ya know, ya know,.. but listen
Because your number is up…………….


The DEBUT ALBUM was released across UK and Germany on 4th May 09' with later releases in other territories during May 2010. It received critical acclaim from press and on-line media. 5 digital singles have been released to date with the 6th, 'Rising Up' due to be released on 24th April 2011.

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Set List

A typical set list is roughly 12/14 songs and lasts approx. 1&1/2 hours. All songs from Debut album plus others. All original material.

Take A Leap
Bad politcian
Rhapsody of 1000 lies
Que Mas Quieres?
Wake Up Rise Up
-Percussion track-
No Me Siento Malo
We the People
Credit to the Nation
Yo no Quiero Trabajar
Rising Up
Solo Guitar piece
Survival of the Fittest

Please ensure set is registered with PRS & other relevant royalty collecting bodies.

Recorded tracks as championed on BBC6, BBC London, BBC3, BBC Asian Network and others), and many stations across Germany including Radio EINS