Pez Luna

Pez Luna

 Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán, HND

Fusion, live, fun and feeling. New music with Latin spirit.


The musical group “Pez Luna” from Honduras, Central America is an invitation to enjoy the diversity and richness of the Latin-American culture. The band’s solid compositions exhibit defined traces from north to south. The group was formed in 2004, as an experimental musical project, guided by José Ines Guerrero, composer and 1st Violoncello of the National Symphonic Orchestra of Honduras and Gerardo Martínez, guitar player and composer, later on joining the band Rafael Castro 1st percussionist on the National Symphonic Orchestra on percussion. Upon this the band searches for the talent of two of the countries’ most experimented musicians, Mariano Rodriguez (flute, choirs and percussions) and Jose Nery “El Chino” Lara (drums and percussions), with which the bands first stage is compiled. Later on Sergio Aguirre, Central American piano contest winner and pianist of the National Symphonic Orchestra of Honduras, joins on keyboards, musical producer and arranger. This last addition to the band defines the musical influences of the band and the first recordings of their music take place. After the band receives Jorge Aguirre (guitar player) with whom the band had already worked on live presentations, and finally Ariel Lagos on the saxophone, Eduardo Carranza on bass, and Jonathan Alarcón in drums conform the band as it is today.
Since their first presentations, the band
has captured the attention of an
important group of fans, with a broad
mind attracted by a diverse musical
proposal, influenced by Jazz,
rock, and Latin rhythms.
Pez Luna is considered one of the most
important and representatives of new
music being generated in Honduras


1. Demo (2005)
2. Apaga la Luz(2006)
3. La limpia del Solar (2010)

Set List

Set 1

1. Dignidad
Algo está cerca
Historias de dos
El ojo del Tiempo
Una tal Beatriz
Ni reglas ni pecados
Cuando canten las piedras
Y te daré
Lo haría
Tegucigalpa ciudad desnuda
El silencio cayó
La limpia del Solar

Set 2

1. Invierno en cuba
Haciéndonos uno
Bahía blanca
Cuaderno mágico
Manejando a la defensiva
La bomba popular
Apaga la luz
Rosas y limón