Raw, raunchy, energetic, where loudness is sweet and sweetness is loud, humour at live shows, great sounds on records, once called 'far too intelligent to be popular', but that's not true, where dumb enough to be popular!


Pfaff is the ever evolving musical project of Bas Jacobs and has seen different line ups through the years. Dealing with shortcomings such as strange line ups (two drums, guitar or drumguitar, bass, guitar) as a starting point to create a great vibe, that's the essence of rock'n'roll. Pfaff has been touring the world continuously from livingroom to 1500 capacity venues. Pfaff can be seen as the grandson of The Fall, a true artist with no fear not to commit to whatever is the recent hype, but to make sure whatever is done would be worth a hype. Pfaff even on one of their worst nights would give you a smile to go home with.


God given flexible capo (Drowning Man/Konkurrent, 2000) 12" album.
Bello ma folle questo e il mio segreto (That Dam!/Konkurrent, 2003) 10" album.
Bleek / Berliner Blick (That Dam!/Konkurrent, 2004) cd album + poetry book
Chi fa da se fa per tre (That Dam!/Konkurrent, 2004) cd album
How to explain de flipstand to a friend (That Dam!/Konkurrent, 2005) cd album
If this is the last I'll do... (That Dam!, 2007) usb-stick.

tracks from all albums have been played on local radiostations throughout holland, germany and the uk as well as by nationwide radiostations VPRO in the Netherlands and BBC Radio1 in the UK

Set List

My typical set list is playing the latest album and some new songs, hardly ever old songs, as that's the past. I play a raw version of indie garage rock'n'roll. Sets vary between 20 and 45 minutes, but preferably we play 30 minutes as that's the perfect time for records and live shows.