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"Review of Porter Bar gig Bath"

..the 'friends' began the show. Actually it was one guy who introduced himself simply as 'the friends' along with two other names. In the end we never actually did find out what the name of his act was. Nevermind because an interesting act it was! A young skinny guy with long hair and a Nick Cave-esque look he relied simply on creating backing samples with an old electric that he would sing over. He sang very quirky songs and being from Amsterdam he had a slight accent which added to the overall strangeness of his performance. He began by playing a simple sampled chord progression in the background while casually walking around the bar hitting a pair of drumsticks on tables and stools to get a beat going. He then began to sing the lyrics "Its no fun being me, its ok I won't play those stupid games of love'. Despite the accent his singing style was very akin to the alternative American spectrum containing bands such as The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Mer! cury Rev etc. He had a strange 'in your face' wit. The second track was called 'Just Like Your Mother'. It consisted of those words being sampled as he sang "I think you look....I think you talk..." in time. The audience seemed bemused yet really entertained at the sight of such a strange performance. A song about 'amsterdam life' followed that was actually about bikes! Then he played a lullaby for us. Actually it was a sample of him singing "Let her sleep today" which he left on as he walked to the bar and had a beer! He then announced 'now we should go and dance' before singing a very gravely almost Tom Waits drawl. A genius bit of of crowd interaction came next. The crowd were encouraged to shout "F@$* You!" in the appropriate part of the song simply because 'I like people who shout f@&* you at me"!! You can't ask better than that for a thursday night release of pent up emotion! His greatest stroke of genius was to be saved for last however. At least I thought it was gen! ius but most of the crowd didn't seem to know how to react. Over his sampled guitar picking he got straight to the point and began singing "I'm a c*nt hunter, I hunt c*nts for fun" followed by a huge singalong of "your a d&ck, I'm a c*nt, we fit together like a rifle and a hunt". You could see everyone nervously looking around as he sampled his voice then left the recording on and sat down!!! Amazing I thought and the best example of how one guy can entertain a crowd with a guitar and a sampler whilst still being completely original. He did his own thing and couldn't care less what anybody thought of it! Now I just need to find out the 'official' name of his act!
- Ed Hutchinson


God given flexible capo (Drowning Man/Konkurrent, 2000) 12" album.
Bello ma folle questo e il mio segreto (That Dam!/Konkurrent, 2003) 10" album.
Bleek / Berliner Blick (That Dam!/Konkurrent, 2004) cd album + poetry book
Chi fa da se fa per tre (That Dam!/Konkurrent, 2004) cd album
How to explain de flipstand to a friend (That Dam!/Konkurrent, 2005) cd album
If this is the last I'll do... (That Dam!, 2007) usb-stick.

tracks from all albums have been played on local radiostations throughout holland, germany and the uk as well as by nationwide radiostations VPRO in the Netherlands and BBC Radio1 in the UK



Pfaff is the ever evolving musical project of Bas Jacobs and has seen different line ups through the years. Dealing with shortcomings such as strange line ups (two drums, guitar or drumguitar, bass, guitar) as a starting point to create a great vibe, that's the essence of rock'n'roll. Pfaff has been touring the world continuously from livingroom to 1500 capacity venues. Pfaff can be seen as the grandson of The Fall, a true artist with no fear not to commit to whatever is the recent hype, but to make sure whatever is done would be worth a hype. Pfaff even on one of their worst nights would give you a smile to go home with.