Prepare For Impact

Prepare For Impact

 Philomath, Oregon, USA
BandRockNew Age


Prepare For Impact was created by lead vocalist Caleb Jacobsen a couple of years ago. He spent countless hours on his computer making electronic songs inspired greatly by Breathe Carolina. It wasn't until the summer of 2010 that the rest of the band would come along. Guitarist/vocalist Dallas Ashdown, and other guitarist Josh Bowman, met Caleb through connections with other friends. They got to talking and realized that they were all musicians, and Caleb asked them to Join PFI. They graciously accepted his offer. After this, Dallas and Josh told Caleb that they had a friend who could play the bass for them, so they brought him to practice one day and soon after, Romero Diaz was named the official bass player of PFI. Finding a drummer was a real struggle for them. They have had a few drummers that would just never show up to practice and were never really dedicated to the band, and because of this they have played all of their shows so far using a drum machine and having no live drummer. However, since their last show they have acquired a drummer by the name of Adam Wilson. Adam being a few years older than everyone else in the band and the only one out of High School, he is the Father of the band and keeps a great watch over his children:) Prepare For Impact has just finished their first full length studio album which should be released sometime this year, and has been taking a break to practice like crazy trying to perfect their live show. So be on the lookout for Prepare For Impact, because they are coming back in 2012 stronger than ever.

Set List

Sovngarde (In Heaven)
Nevel's A Stupid Name
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
What Didn't Diddy Do?
Fetcheth Me A Cracker
Loaded Guns Are A Safety Hazard In Exploding Rooms