Omaha, Nebraska, USA
BandHip HopPop

If u mix the vibes of prince & George Clinton with Kanye West's production sensibilities then throw in Jay-Z like lyricism you would have the Young Pflames experience. High energy, gut bucket funk mixed with raw hip hop that is packaged for the masses...I am the Future


I am the Future...I Am...Young Pflames...I am a Prince Fanatic/80's obsessed hip hop producer, who is on a mission to bring artistry back to the a lost art-form. Outside of the typical microphone prowess, I've been known to play a mean guitar, as well as bass, piano & drums. Over the last year & a half i've done numerous local & regional performances slowly & surely building this peach fuzz buzz into maturity. I've played colleges, local bars, pubs & parking lots. I've written for, performed with or produced hip hop artists, country artists, once in the late nineties I wrote and played bass on a Death Metal Ep...I Am Music...I am hip hop but anti hip hop...I am about live instrumentation as well as flash... I'm about substance as much as swagger...My attitude is more Miles Davis than Lil Wayne...My style is more Outkast than T-Pain...I'm more about albums than singles...& i could care less what the trend of the day is...I am the Future!!!



We Tha People-Mixtape: 2004

Catch Me If U Can-Single:2004

Man On Fire Mixxtape:2005

Eom-Winter Heat Mixtape (featured performer):2006

Man On Fire 1.5 Revisited: 2006

Catch My Breath-Single:2008
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Negro Day-Mixxtape:November 11,2008

If U Go-Single feat J-Rock -2010

The F Word -Album January 25th 2011

Set List

Set List continually changes depending on venue, time limit and audience