Tilburg, North Brabant, NLD
BandHip Hop

This music is is all about the choises we should make in life and representing truth.
This music is mostly based on confronting people with the truth based on jezus christ and the close relationship i have with our god.


First, the two tracks named :mijn nummer 14, wil-ton brazz. is really called P-freedom - D Vyne Thoughts and
P-Freedom Ft Will-Ton - I Thought I Was'nt Seen.
I Could'nt Change It For Some Reason My Apologies

well where shall i start?
i started rapping when i was 14 years old. the rhymes i spoke out where mosly about bragging and boasting about how dope i thought i was. i was adopted in 1992 out of brazil and came to holland. if i should say what i think about my life consider my life one big mess cleaned up by the one and only saviour Jezus Christ! at november 24th 2009 i was redeemed by the blood of the lam. this worked out my lyrics and beats real well.
i started making beats when i was 18 years old
the video where u see me dancing is a song with one of my instrumentals and lyrics. enough about that.
my influences came mostly from oldskool rappers and dj's and beatmakers. ill name a short list of wich i think where pretty much an influence to my music today.

dj premier
big l
mobb deep

recent influences on my music:
young joshua
eddie nigma

still a huge difference between the music i hear and the music i write is that in the songs ive wrote you will hear me speaking directly towards god or to individuals.
like u have people that tell story's in their music, people that have self centered music,and some that speak directly towards individuals.
the last one is mostly my thing. you could get an insight of my music but it would still be a close call to someone.
and with that am specialized in unpredictable flows

but i dont really have any perfoming bisnuess.
the outside world would probably consider me small-time.
other than pure music from the heart to the heart.
am not really proofing fame to my people.
but i know that he who loves me most is seeing me and look upon me with a smile over the work i try to do.

thats pretty much about it.


Speak Believe

Written By: P-Freedom

check yo self out truth is unity lies spread out
compare if what u said before is truly what u rep now we choose
to change if the pain we get confronted with
is showing us the opposite choise we wasnt runnning with
many get drawn by addiction denieing sense
trough logical visionz speak sight and claim wisdom blind lust
one or another on the real theres no difference you should bring the words you can trust
wether you a thuged out pop cabs dow getter
or a fellah that proclaims his lies cause it flows better
check this letter i hope i speak to you effectively
take closer look inside and let this rap infect you deep
you should and have to and will make a choise
you aint riding with them demonz you be riding with
p-freedom g'z need em saint see em
g.o.d speak and teach to them wrestle our hearts and make us breath again

Am Talking To U

Written By: P-Freedom

not about the ice not about getting dow in life
roling dice flowin honeys making love all night
am precise not about them loose words no a preach light
hate speaking lies cause it feels right
not about competition with ma blood and flesh
I show the love back so i bring the dark to death
its all that not about falling back not to step up
and call the man that got us stand
in HIStory his plan choises we make for eternal life instead
burn frie in hell get a nice ride to death
believe me cat you will see it coming
quick to speak that but he allready saw it
your drama your whole life
dont think you ever get to hide from the most high theres no lies
i will get it if u feel it but u aint really with it
all the things ive named up u prolly skilled in
to tell u honestly i am is trouble
but with that am mighty when am weak cause the struggle
will open each one of my eyez wide to see am really nothing
so you can never the best cause the word aint fronting

I Came

Written By: P-Freedom

life up death down living in reality the beat is just sound
listen to the words cause they be right now
something you aint heard like the truth with no doubt
im speaking to the crowd speaking trough the speakers loud
the trial is over the lord payed for the way I fell
no false intell jails where u wrestle with your demonz
make the wrong choise theres no freedom
jezus christ i believe him thats why this cat is preaching
breathing for the one and only god my redeemer
personal lord and saviour the one loves me always
just made a choise now he changes my ways
now am cool fresh fly and stylish
bringing truth to the heartless without stopping
the point is within jezus there is love, life, freedom
so if you feel me repeat the chorus and believe it

i came to profecize the freedom to the heathens
because i felt that my god preaches mad freedom
he's the one that i believe so I speak him
trough the power of the spirit trough each seazon

This Is Our Jezus

Written By: P-Freedom

Jezus we here to give my life right now
am so happy that you came in my life and
taking minez to your will now am so free

am here to bring it close to you
the love i recieved now i know you know the truth
its really lovely now the change there is hope for you
let us be united spread the love in unity how grown ups do
your tough dude it was a heavy problem
good will you saw the truth that god is mad solvering
lets call him and thank god this problem
be in the past forgotten we moving on now
the god with us marching everyday trough the block cause we die with him
its not twisted after that we rize in him sacrified for them living searching born sinners
lets go get em brother bring only that living water
we thankfull for jezus showing us we different brother (forgiveness brother)
i feel his love now jezus thankfull for the way u made me
i never thought it could be like this but am thankfull


P-Freedom - This Is Our Jezus
P-Freedom - I Came
P-Freedom - Am Talking To U
P-Freedom - I Thought I Was'nt Seen
P-Freedom - D Vyne Thoughts