PG aka Brother Nature

PG aka Brother Nature

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A pure and original Hip-Hop Lyricist. His lyrical styles capture your imagination and make the listener visualize the scene. As an artist or a writer PGs' melodic rhymes give hip-hop a refreshing lift.


Paul Anthony Greene ( "PG" aka Brother Nature) was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. "PG", has been a fan of hip-hop as far back as he can remember. "PG" used his summer trips to the East Coast, South Bronx N.Y. where his father lived, to broaden his horizons of the hip-hop world that he has come to love today. "PG" would record the great hits played by DJ RED ALERT, MR. MAGIC, and MARLY MARL and bring them back home to Indiana with him, where hip-hop was more of an underground scene. These great hits would have "PG" beat boxing and break dancing as if he was a native New Yorker. "PG" would listen to those songs and learn them word for word; then improvising to come up with his own crafty spoof songs.

"PG" moved from Indiana to California, from California to North Carolina, From North Carolina to Virginia and back to Indiana. He used every opportunity along the way to observe and absorb different hip-hop styles. This unique mixture of music scene has allowed him to remain refreshingly different and original. All "PG" needed was an audience to showcase his flow; so he became a DJ at the local skating rink.

As a DJ, "PG'". was introduced to another MC with whom together they would become the “FUGATIVES”. They were signed to a small label local label in Indiana were they would sell 3000 units in their region.

Once the "FUGATIVES" separated, P.G. continued to write dope rhymes and free-style to keep his flow tight. "PG" formed a group a called “360 DEGREES” along with the producers from the “FUGATIVES”. "PG" and a producer friend thought it would be a good idea to move their music careers to Atlanta, Georgia. Once in Atlanta, they independently wrote and produced a self titled single “360 DEGREES”. A year later they dropped another single called “FUGATIVE BLUZ” under GATE 7 RECORDS. Both singles did well in the markets they were presented to.

"PG'" has performed many talent showcases from D.C. to L.A. He opened up for Lil John and Ludacris at the Indiana Convention Center in 2001. "PG" performed at the 2002 “SUPER BOWL” in New Orleans, Louisiana at the official after-party; two weeks later he performed at the “ALL STAR WEEKEND” 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania thrown by Allen Iverson and Magic Johnson. "PG" has performed at the “INDIANA BLACK EXPO” at different times with artist such as “JOE”, “SWV” and “2PAC”. Then with “OUTCAST” in Dayton, Ohio, “THE LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL” during a Baby Ruth Greek Step Down Show. “LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND” at Dennison University in OHIO,”MC EIHT” in 96 at Rap City in Indiana, “FAT JOE” at the Rap It Up Music Convention in Washington D.C. and “NOTORIOUS B.I.G”, “CRAIG MACK” and “P. DIDDY” at the World Club Atlanta. He has done numerous club shows, radio appearances, and rap battles. "PG" continues to work as he has been making several low budget but “HOT” videos with his NY family, at H20 TV an independent Public Access Power House in New York City. "PG" an enigmatic yet versatile writer and rapper here to take his place today’s music charts!


Single - "Biz wit da Skills" by The Fugatives from Hell (Finesse Records)

Album Pro (Snipets) - "These are the Days" by 360 Degrees (Gate7 Records)

Single - "360 Degrees" by 360 Degrees (Gate7 Records)

Single - "Fugative Bluz" by 360 Degrees (Gate 7 Records)

Set List

Set length 30 minutes to perform 6 songs.