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Tinley Park, Illinois, United States | SELF

Tinley Park, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Pop Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"No More Snoozing"

South Side Chicago artist PGEEZ has been lying under the radar in the Chicago Hip Hop scene for many years, but has been creeping up lately with steady releases and performances across town. In 2006, he released ON THE CONTRARY, which included hits "T.P. Anthem" and "Tira La Ropa". In 2008, he released THE AUDACITY OF PGEEZ, with the club smash "Bottle of Patron" and introspective "Change the World". He's branded his music "Urban Pop", which he says is probably the closest way to describe his unique fusion of hip-hop, rap, pop, rock and Latin rhythms for the mainstream audience, which he says is basically everyone. His music definitely has an undeniable way of appealing to audiences of all different sorts. Each song brings out a new PGEEZ style and delivery that arguably becomes even better than the last. And it’s not just his recordings, his live performances have enough energy and charisma to makes you feel like you’re watching him from first row at the United Center. 2010 looks like the year Chicago will no longer be able to ignore PGEEZ's presence in the Chicago music market. His new music has already been featured in the RedEye and at the Chicago Latino Film Festival. He is getting ready to shoot a video for his new song "Bomb Shit", and is working on his debut album, 83, that will be released independently this Winter, on his new label UPWorld Ent. "I realized, you can't sit around and expect your dreams to come to you. It doesn't matter how talented you are. You have to work for it. No one is gonna do it for you. I have no doubt that I'm going to succeed, because its entirely in my hands now." This year it’s Chicago for PGEEZ. I can only imagine what he’ll do with next year. Robert Hernandez (Chicago Hip Hop Flavor) May 2010 - Chicago Hip Hop Flavor

"Things That Turn Us On"


This week's Kyles Files track-off has been rated PGEEZ. That's the clever name of the local rapper and producer whose clubby appealing "Stars" rallied to beat two formidable artists. Check "stars" out online and see if PGEEZ deserved the wina nd enthusiastic comments from posters. Warning: The catchy, poptastic beat might get stuck in your head, so proceed with caution. - Chicago RedEye / Chicago Tribune


Mixtape Releases: Other People’s Beats (2002), C2 (as C-Dub; 2003), We Blowin’ Up (as C Dub; 2004), Complimentary (as C Dub; 2005), On The Contrary (2006), The Audacity of PGEEZ (2008)

Official Releases: Stars (single), Bomb Sh*t (single), Choose You Everytime ft. Nina (single), 83 (album)



With 2006’s On The Contrary and 2008’s The Audacity of PGEEZ, mixtapes filled with various beats from hip hop, pop, reggaeton and RnB, PGEEZ has stormed out of nowhere demonstrating his talent for songwriting and giving audiences an original delivery of his smooth infectious voice from track to track. Having grown up on all kinds of music from Motown and Classic Rock, to Hip Hop and Pop, and influenced by various icons like Prince, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and John Lennon, indie artist PGEEZ is aiming to become an icon himself with his own style of pop music, that blends different genres to create something new, but at the same time, something very familiar to a listener's soul. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Pablo "PGEEZ" Granado, learned to play the trumpet, the guitar, and various instruments, while attending school and eventually receiving his MBA at the age of 23. In 2010, after spending years at a non-profit organization, helping thousands of inner city youth advance in their education, he decided to pursue his passion of music full-time. During that time, PGEEZ took his music to new levels, and new places. He wrote and recorded his ambitious debut, 83, which features an amazing array of styles so different from one another, but blended perfectly together with PGEEZ’s delivery. In December, PGEEZ had his first two European performances held across Switzerland. He is currently promoting the upcoming release of his official independent debut – 83, which has gained the attention of radio stations, and music industry insiders including the legendary Diddy, with songs like the pop duet “Choose You Everytime” featuring Nina, the explicit yet catchy rap banger “Bomb Sh*t”, and the new party anthem of 2011 “Til the Morning Come”. He is a true stage performer, delivering his contagious energy that always gets the crowds going. He's shared the stage with acts like Twista and Da Brat, and was once signed under record producer, Jason Nevins creating remixes for various labels and artists, including Good Charlotte, Katherine McPhee, and Julio Iglesias. After more than 10 years of learning the business, PGEEZ is ready to take his destiny into his own hands and is releasing his music independently himself. He has 2 more huge projects planned for 2011, his breakout year. This Summer, PGEEZ will release The Six-String Sessions EP (digital) which he'll record in throwback fashion for hardcore fans. And in the Fall, PGEEZ will release an all-Chicago collaborative mixtape called: PGEEZ & the Perfectionists present: Chi-Bound & Down mixtape.