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PGF is a new sound in the contemporary christian music scene. It is edgy, hard hitting, and full of hope.


PGF is a acronym for "Put God First". We want our music to spark more of a desire to know God in the person that is listening to our music. With each song there is a message that will bring hope and excitement for life. The song "A Cry From The East" was written after watching the news of another car bombing in the middle east. The song "1984" was written about Zach's and Eli's father's testimony of being set free of drugs and a promiscuous lifestyle. Zach and Eli grew up listening to DC Talk, Jars of Clay, and the Newsboys, but they credit their greatest influences as their family and church family that has deposited so much in their lives.


PGF has rleased their EP titled "A Cry From The East". The songs listed in the EP are 1. Over Without An End, 2. A Cry From The East, 3. 1984, 4. The Hard Way, 5. Run Your Race

Set List

We usually do about 10 to 11 songs that will last 45 minutes to an hour.