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The Art of Being Yaself is the best Expression.


P-GuDDa was born in North Philadelphia. Ever since P-Gudda was young, he knew that music was his passion and at the age of 10, he began his rap career. Even though his appetite for rapping started as a young boy, P-Gudda allowed time to shape and perfect his craft. Now, he's a man on the road to becoming one of the most inspiring artists of our Rap and Hip-Hop generation.
His album, Only One I, is available you on Amazon and Itunes. It promotes the differences in everyone. Each person has their own unique trait, which sets them apart from anyone else. Allow yourself take a few minutes and understand his point of view, you will feel compelled to purchase the entire CD. Hip-Hop was reported to be P-Gudda the one to help revive it?


Its Only One I - EP

Yahtzeee ( Loud Volume 1)