Phyllis Heitjan

Phyllis Heitjan


Phyllis Heitjan blends her own unique brand of acoustic pop/rock. Her songs combine snappy pop hooks and moody twists. This is music that will both make you dance and think. Phyllis's songs are elegant, clean and melodic, with lyrics that are poetic and literate but always fresh and honest.


Phyllis Heitjan is a rising star. At the tender age of 18, she has completed her second album, Parallels, which was just released on her own label Diamond Rock Music, lovingly named after a street in her suburban Philadelphia neighborhood.

Phyllis’s songs blend beautiful, hooky melodies and poetic lyrics with her trademark choral harmonies. Her performances call to mind Sarah McLachlan, Michelle Branch, Tori Amos and The Corrs yet she maintains a remarkable sound that is all her own.

About Parallels Phyllis says: “Overall, this album is definitely alternative pop/rock. There’s a song called ‘Good Night’ that is a ballad and a love song…[the album] has gospel and acoustic elements. In fact, most of the songs have some soul influences, in addition to classic pop and rock.”

Phyllis’s fan base is steadily growing as she gains airplay momentum on stations throughout the East Coast. While pursuing her music career, Phyllis is also preparing to join the class of 2010 at Princeton University this fall.


Better Day

Written By: Phyllis Heitjan

You tell me not to go
Like you need me so
Well, I already know
I already know
Tell me that we need to talk
Well you could talk your head right off
And maybe I'd be better, I'd be better off
So it's been real, so it's been fine
If fine means hating the way I feel
If real means going out of my mind

I, I, I have had enough of this
I, I, I just wanna be okay
I, I, I have a feeling that you won't be missed
I, I, I'm looking for a better day

Oh no, don't you make that face
Like your world has been erased
Someone'll take my place
Someone'll take your place
I know how these things can be
Yeah, it's an awful place to be
But you'll be okay...
That is eventually
So though I feel your pain
At the end of the night...


This is me saying goodbye (I, I)
This is me telling you why (I, I)
This is me wanting life, yeah



Written By: Phyllis Heitjan

She never got the hang of him
She says, "This is not a threat."
She got hung up on what might have been
Yeah, her voice said something else
Funny 'cause she's on his mind
The better part of all the time
And if she knew, what would she do?
She says, "Heaven and Hell lead straight to you."

He's waiting for the ignorant bliss to kick in
She says, "I'll tell you now:
I'm not gonna miss thinking that it's love
And then thinking, 'Maybe next time'"
He's sinking low, low as her voice on the line
She says, "I was never yours,
And I wouldn't have called you mine
If love's a game, you're standing on the sidelines..."

"I'm not playing games," he said
She says, "That's not how it feels
I would have trusted you with my life," she said,
"But I can't convince myself that you're for real"
Funny how she grips the phone,
Whispers though there's no one home
Her anxiety is plain to see
And he sees so clearly


He says, "I think that the problem lies
In you not making up your mind
These excuses sound like lies," he said
"The only game is in your head"

She's waiting for reality to sink in
He says, "I'll tell you now:
I'm not gonna miss thinking we're all right
No baby, there's no next time"
She's sinking low, low as her own voice on the line
He says, "I will agree; I'm not yours and you're not mine
And if love's a game, you're standing on the sidelines
If love's a game, baby we're standing on opposite sides
And love's not a game
But if it were, we'd be standing on the sidelines..."

Indigo Sky

Written By: Phyllis Heitjan

I find again that you and I don't fit quite right
That we're bending in our skins
I find again that you and I are blinded both
And prisoners of the wind
Like mirrors spinning off this life
And the dawn that we tried to fight
I find again that you and I are blinded both, but eye to eye

We were treading water when we might have been flying
And the night kept passing as the sun it kept rising high
Into an indigo sky

In all the world, in all of life
Will our words remain as echos of our time?
For every day and every night will be lost in clocks, in music, and in rhyme
Like lights that run on all our nerves
And the people that we serve
In every day and every night
We are star-crossed, we are life


Fall on you, fall on me
The sky's been falling for weeks and weeks
A subtle skin that never breathes
I find again that you and I see differently


We were treading water when we decided to fly
And the night kept passing as the sun it started to rise
And it rose so high
Into an indigo sky
We were flying high
Into an indigo sky


Phyllis Heitjan (Self Titled Album):

1. Every Little Bit of Something
2. Talk to Me
3. Smallest Friend
4. Where I Will Be
5. Desiree
6. Over Again
7. Dreamers (Nothing Alone)
8. Captivate Me
9. Imperfection
10. Puzzle Pieces


1. Indigo Sky
2. Sidelines
3. Only You
4. Remember
5. Good Night
6. Better Day
7. Parallels
8. Don't You
9. Invisible Line
10. Remind Me

Set List

Typical sets are 45-60 minutes long, and I've done up to four sets a day.

Sets include songs from both albums:

Every Little Bit of Something
Talk to Me
Smallest Friend
Where I Will Be
Over Again
Dreamers (Nothing Alone)
Captivate Me
Puzzle Pieces
Indigo Sky
Only You
Good Night
Better Day
Don't You
Invisible Line
Remind Me

I also play covers, including:

Kill the Messenger - Shawn Colvin
Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin
St. Teresa - Joan Osborne
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go - Bob Dylan
I've Just Seen A Face - The Beatles
Don't Let It Bring You Down - Neil Young
Yellow - Coldplay
...and many more!