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"To understand pH10, start by imagining The Beastie Boys growing up on Slayer rather than Afrika Bambaataa." - Time Out London


We are tough. We’ve played the nastiest of venues and rocked the sketchiest sound systems. We've played in areas of the world where the electricity shows off to its friends by killing expensive samplers. We have taken airplanes to play warehouse parties that were shut down before our gear cleared airport security. We’ve recorded entire records in unfamiliar studios with no engineer and the “tight deadline”. Be assured, pH10 can take it. However, there is one thing that strikes fear into our jaded hearts - wait for it - day jobs.

So, in trying to keep Recone and crew out of ‘business casual’ for 2008, we bring you the nastiest, noisiest, scariest, loudest and by far the heaviest pH10 release to date. 'Well Connected' has landed. Highlights include an intro by Brian Bell-Fortune, appearances by Pete Miser, Jamalski, KCutz and I-45 plus a new level of crushing production thanks to a shiny new Virus Ti and a deal with the Devil they call Sherman Filter Bank.

In case you are unaware what this crew is all about, here is some bio information and a little history. Brooklyn-based pH10 has been making records and playing shows for ten years. Concerts are hyped up parties with intense visual projections, a massive wall of sound and strange occurrences including strobe light helmets and dancers wrapped in vacuum hoses. Having played all over the US, Canada and Europe, pH10 has developed strong performance skills to back up their studio recordings. This is a finely tuned stage show that leaves audience members danced-out and smiling.

Although the pH10 crew insists on light-hearted antics in their performances, they take their productions seriously. This is apparent by the 2005 first place finish in the Dance/Electronica Category of the International Songwriting Competition and being awarded the ‘Indie Award’ by the Independent Artist Registry 2006. Rather than employ flowery language to draw you a picture, we’ll let a quote do the talking "To understand pH10, start by imagining The Beastie Boys growing up on Slayer rather than Afrika Bambaataa. Then, you'll need to figure out how records created with no electric guitars in site manage to be this damn heavy. Finally, a lesson or two in overdriven analog circuits at the community college is in order. - Alternatively you could just pop in one of their disks, start shaking your ass and it'll all come to you naturally" - Time Out London.


Tell Me Why

Written By: Pete Miser

Now tell me why these cats gotta mess with me
When all I wanna do is MC
Y’all brothers can blow me like the breeze
And tell me why all of y’all think that all in all
it don’t matter none what y’all say, just as long as y’all get paid X 2

Chorus: What the world could they be wantin’, see, from little ol’ me? X 4

Why when I paid so many dues, do blue still gotta come my way?
Will I get love for the words I say?
Do I gotta move weight to make my pay
How many tight rhymes must I bust before I see bread instead of just crust
And why do I lust for ancient wax like sunken-eyed crackheads lusts for dust

How many blocks do I gotta walk for respect and peace and love?
How many demo tapes do I gotta make before I get praise instead of just shrugs?
And who gonna say we kicked it like best friends when I make them ends, but
Ain’t got a minute right now cuz a fella ain’t in the Billboard top ten?
I do believe I’ve seen my fair share of hard times and scandalous scenes
But a fella gotta eep them dreams or your ass is gonna wind up broke and it
Ain’t no joke so I don’t smoke trees
Keep my lungs clear so I can breathe
Keep my head clear and believe that in the end, somebody’s gonna see.


Now tell me why…X 2


Written By: Recone Helmut & Pete Miser

*These are the lyrics for the Radio Edit version of this song. If you need this version, please just let us know.

Hot like Holly Hobby ovens but not stuck in the past
I blast forward cash
For all my CD’s that got stuck in your dash
Up in that ass with a size 9 Saucony
Blood on my hands from botched bathroom lobotomies
Stop the beat
I got to pee pitstop
Roadtrip to paradise through suffering in hiphop
When I look back and see roads paved with bad intentions
All cuz of one rhyme I wrote to past detention
Pay attention if you got it like that
But these days, kids focus switch faster than lanes on freeways

Hang the DJ and kill the MC
Keep your evil eye on anyone who doesn’t look like me
The cook might be spittin’ on your burger
But the way he got it tastin’ got you screamin’ bloody murder
Tip your server but the change don’t trickle down
Don’t even matter, can’t buy ish with a nickle now
Call me jaded but I hate the way the shoe fits
Don’t give a (blank) about no one I don’t get loose with
Lit fuse partner
Keep a microphone inside my locker
Stop the presses
It’s goin’ down like this

Dedicated to the west side
And all my people back home
Dedicated to the New York streets
Hot ish, Like this ish

Real life hero
Zero down and countin’
Here to bring more change than the bottom of a fountain
Is the Catholic got you bouncin’ on some consciousness
While that ish on radio made you want to quit
I’m poppin’ monster ish
And leaving y’all without no options like some foster kids
Coppin’ this, but I be rockin’ with
My homie Recone and we prone to get your girl
Breakin’ up with you like service on them free phones
Doin’ 80 in a speed zone mashin’
Half white, half chinese
Now stop askin’
Pursuing hip hop with a passion, player
Representin’ on the mic and on the fader…

Needless to Say

Written By: Pete Miser

The behavior of the politician’s has at times Been rather weird
And they do things that are not acceptable

I got a headache this big and it got me twisted to the point that I wish it would put me out of my misery
If everyday ish that we got to live with then I’ma spit hits that change up history

Dig it

Them folks know - you’re tellin’ em jokes, yo Sellin’ ‘em hope nobody ever could afford
Oh Lord
Them popos be tightening choke-holds Frightening locals in front of their own front doors And if I could look in the future to see change
I bet I’d see the conditions are all the same And if I do as I’m told and shut my mouth, needless to say we’re assed out

Needless to say
Everything here ain’t A-OK
Know what, I got ish to say when 5-0 start looking my way

Needless to say
Everybody got their rent to pay
But we gotta make a dent today,
Let the world know we don’t play

I got a fistful of high hopes
And my feet on the tightrope
But it’s slippery like soap
But I bet that I don’t fall
Call you out on the last hope
Keepin’ your eyes closed while the innocent die slow
So you can have it all

Stall and front while you play games and I ain’t gonna say names
Cuz no one can lay blame on a faceless corporation
Making dough off the chain gang
While poor people maintain a lifestyle of pain, shame and neglect within this nation
And if you look past the ads and at the actions
I bet you find that the Nikes have lost traction
And if you do as your told and just deal with it
Needless to say
Your ass blew it.

Mash up lyrics

Needless to say
Everybody got their rent to pay
But we gotta make a dent today,
Let the world know we don’t play

Think it Through

Written By: Pete Miser

*These are the lyrics for the Radio Edit version of this song. If you need this version, please just let us know.

Yo, yo!
Yo, for those who don’t know
Pete Miser, pH10
Check it out!

Hey yo, yo!
It’s like this -

It takes skills
Anytime I flick on the switch
I bring skills
Touch down on the mic
I keep it tight with skills
Turn it up loud
Move the crowd with skills
Skills as we get up get up get down!

YO, it’s the Mister Miser on the mix
Down to twist your spine on like vinyl everytime I hit ya
Quick to rip tha right out of light fixtures
With the swiftness of a camera shutter takin’ pictures
If the scene seems right I’ll drop the bomb
Leave the crowd sayin’ HO, 2 hours past when I’m gone
Let’s get it on like Marvin starving artists
Carving carbon copies up with what’s between the margins
Starting this minute the game I’m up in it
The name you can’t (blank) with it don’t even spit it exhibit the skills
Committed to Bill
When I’m hit with the real
Come with that ish that you feel, man
Isn’t it ill?

Got a tight flow
That might go off like psychos
Who write flows
With the right prose
Lightbulbs lightin’ up in my brain
Got me fightin’ off fame
The young guns on the mic make me tighten my game

I know you and I know what you gonna do
Before you even think it through
So why don’t you just chill out man, chill out man?
Look, yo.


Get up get up get down down…

Pete Miser, pH10
Back in the mix again
Don’t care who we offend
It don’t matter if you’re foe or friend
Come through with a pen in hand
Take a stand like Sly and the Family Stone
Back to the bone, the zone
We cut this mother(blank) song
Known for the phat ish that gets you high like a crackhead
Dirty like George Bush campaign tactics

The map with a stack
Brutally graphic raps
Got tags in the back of a cab
With a can and a fat cat

Uh oh, my so fly 5-0 just rolled by
Jedi mind tricks I’m flippin’ the bird
Even though they know I’m wanted in five states
For the increase in crime rates and indecent acts with domestic cats and rare primates

God, damn I got issues
Cry me a box of tissues
I’ll do anything for the fame and power
That I’m about to misuse
Hit you when you least expect it
Better be protected
Ain’t no hiding when me and Recone connect it


Get up get up get down down…

So Sensitive

Written By: Pete Ho

Greenpoint, player / Portland, Oregon original rhyme sayer / Captain Cross Fader / weigh a buck fifty with a back pack / still dumb enough to slap Shaq and tell him that he raps wack / a loose screw / nothing like what you’re used to / I swoop through with my crew who abuse glue / refuse to chill out / gettin’ dogged by broads before they’re old enough to fill out / I smoke bowls with no weed in ‘em / I wear tight drawers made of unwashed denim / I’m skinny like John Lennon with them little round glasses / got beat down by Dido fans for my back stage passes / dropped four tabs of acid didn’t feel the effects / next night I got wasted off half of a Becks / wound up in twelve steps with everyone concerned / Mom shaking her head knowing I’ll never learn / third degree rug burns from b-boying on the shag / and nothing but rocks up in my trick or treat bag / my girl thinks I’m a fag and she’s leaving with the kids / I said, “I’m not gay but my boyfriend is”

it ain’t easy being me / with all these insecurities
I’m such a sensitive m.c. / but mama never told me I’d have days like this

I need a hug!

I’m just your average every day basket case / when I was young plastic glasses with the masking tape / hit the junior high looking for some ass to chase / instead of gettin’ down I wound up with a slap in the face / forever lacking the grace so if she says no I’m back in her face like, “you promised!” / at least I’m being honest / the longest that I’ve gone without getting any play? / well, let’s see does that mean, like, going all the way? / o.k., I admit it I never fully did it / one time I came close but my cousin, she wasn’t with it / she said that I exhibit some unhealthy behavior / plus she didn’t like the stolen bracelet that I gave her / I said maybe if I paid her so she slapped me too / tried to turn the other cheek but it was black and blue / I said, “it’s alright, baby, I ain’t mad at you” / she said, “excuse me, no one here was even asking you!”

it ain’t easy being me / with all these insecurities
I’m such a sensitive m.c. / but mama never told me I’d have days like this

I need a hug!

BK United (radio edit)

Written By: Pete Miser

Lyrics available upon request.

Enter The underground (feat. Pete Miser and Jamalski)

Written By: Recone Helmut + Pete Miser

Lyrics available soon.


Jan. 1998 - Self Released Demo
Dec. 1999 - 'Sci-Fidelity' Album
Oct. 2000 - 'Deffender' 12" single
Feb. 2002 - 'Quarks and Gluons' Album
Feb. 2004 - 'Needless to Say' CD Single
Sept. 2004 - 'Helmutvision' Album
Sept 2006 - BK United EP
Sept 2008 - 'Well Connected' Album

Set List

Current set list:

Duty Weapon
2600 Funkus Remix
Think it Through
Needless to Say
The Red Arrow
Find Strength
Helmut Theme
Saucy Jack

The set is about an hour long, we dont do covers.