New Orleans-style female vocal, unique lyrics, instrumentals, seasoned players. Progressive but blues-based sound, shades of Frank Zappa, Little Feat, King Crimson. Extended improv with tight, quirky arrangements. Cucaracha !


The release of PH101’s fourth CD, Is Something Wrong Here? is the culmination and maturing of a unique style of songwriting and performing that began in 1991, when the music world was a much different place than it is today. A vivid illustration of dysfunctional America in the Age of George “Dubya” and 9/11, the songs on Is Something Wrong Here? reveal flashes of a nation racing “like lemmings to the ledge,” mindless of the abyss.
Brainchild of songwriter/producer/keyboardist Rick Lewis, PH101 has been recording since 1991, performing since 1994, and defying categorization the entire time. In long-standing partnership with owner/engineer Eric Rachel at Trax East Studios in South River, NJ, PH101 has long been able to sustain a spirit of innovation, which is reflected in its recordings.
PH101 has performed extensively throughout the New York / New Jersey Metro area, from the East Village to the Jersey Shore, with many steps in between. PH101 has garnered US college & commercial airplay in 48 of 50 states, all Canadian provinces, and have sold records internationally in Japan, Brazil, and Europe. Their online presence, through various websites, has elicited over 10,000 downloads, Internet radio airplay, and critical acclaim.
PH101 has been host to a number of performers, going through various band lineups, but the current incarnation of the band has been together for three years. Through this particular collaboration, PH101 has hammered out a sound that is bluesy & soulful, yet retains its progressive spirit of daring and innovation.
Heather Christian, an accomplished songwriter in her own right, has become the focal point of PH101’s new sound, since joining the band in 2002. Native of the New Orleans area, PH101’s drummer, Frank DiOrio, and guitarist, Peter Beckett, are both veterans in the NY/NJ club scene, and both have impressive resumes as studio and live performance artists. Always right in the pocket, Frank has played in comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay’s touring band, and has been a sideman for Felicia Collins (guitarist for “Late Night with David Letterman”). Peter has worked with Marcus Miller, and both Peter and Frank were in Peter Beckett’s fusion band, Magic Pill.
Bassist Brian LaRocque has been with PH101 since the earliest of days, and has been a guiding light for the band throughout its existence, taking a leadership role in the band’s arrangements, performances, and logistics, as well as being a kickass bass player. Brian studied extensively with Gary Van Scyoc, veteran session man, and bassist for John Lennon in both Elephant’s Memory and the Plastic Ono Band. Brian possesses the unique ability to see the potential in new music, and to help bring it to life, an essential talent in PH101.
Rick Lewis, founder, principal songwriter, keyboardist, and producer for PH101, has been writing and performing music since the early ‘70’s, and boasts a long resume that includes work as a sideman with the likes of the Atlantic City Expressway, Dave LaRue (of Dixie Dregs fame), LA session man Bill Bonk, and Jim Yester (of the Association, writing “Along Comes Mary,” among many other things). Rick has also worked as a studio session man for various local acts (Room Eleven, Link Larsen, OS101, Joe Condiracci, Project Mercury, Glen Closer, etc.), and as a producer (Maximum Jack, Deep Release, Laya Fisher, and Gutter Ballet, among others). A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, in Music Theory / Comp, Rick has worked hard to forge a unique musical sound for PH101, building on the foundation of his creative influences (Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, Joe Jackson, ELP and Warren Zevon, to name a few).
A PH101 CD is something to be experienced, rather than merely listened to, and a PH101 performance has the ability to transcend the usual fare of generic musical “product.” Don’t miss either.


"Is Something Wrong Here ?" (2005 - Release Date 9/2005)
"Love Songs From Area 51" (1999)
"Hostage Heart" (1995)
"Philosophy 101" (1993)

Set List

Is Something Wrong Here ?
Loneliest Town on TV
Loaded Gun
Blood Diamonds
Astronaut's Prayer
Cut Man
Toothless & Blind
Rolling Blackout
Surf'n' Buddha
Funny How That Works
Old Sparky

The Letter (Boxtops/Joe Cocker)
Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream..but we do the Spanky Wilson version)
Last Child (Aerosmith)
Various Frank Zappa covers