Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

“I really think this band is breaking new ground in the Philadelphia music scene. If you’re looking for something new, innovative, insanely clever and creative look no further than Phantasm. Philly’s mad scientists of rock!!”

Paul Jaxon - WMMR-FM Philadelphia, PA


Phantasm is a rock/new progressive trio from Philadelphia.

Musically, Phantasm is used to doing exactly what they want, as lyrically stated on their first EP from 2005. “From now on we’re doing things our own way.” They have stuck to this mantra for the past six years, but now they are opening up and trying new things.

“We have always made music for ourselves and never thought about what the audience might want, until now.” says drummer Jay Yachetta.

Not that the band has hasn’t done well for themselves thus far. Being completely self-managed, self-produced, and self-booked they have built a pretty killer resume, sharing the stage with the following acts:

Living Colour (East Coast tour)
Mos Def
Terrible Things (Fred Mascherino from Taking Back Sunday)
The Sleeping
As Tall As Lions
The Memorials (Thomas Pridgen from The Mars Volta)
Closure in Moscow
Just Like Vinyl (Thomas Erak from Fall of Troy)
Andrew WK
The Locust

Graph The Pulse [Phantasm’s 2010 release] was recorded live in a basement in Brooklyn. The songs sound heavy, raw and minimalistic. “We were listening to a lot of Dillinger Escape Plan, Refused, and Drive Like Jehu at the time." explains drummer Jay Yachetta. "We wanted to make a big nasty record.”

They did.

The band is in the process of recording a new album set for release in the fall. Singer/guitarist Steven Rosplock reflects on the writing process:

"I think we wanted to write the best songs possible, instead of make the loudest, most intense stuff we could. I think the latter comes more naturally to us, so trying to write a great memorable song turned out to be a little harder."

As far as recording goes the band is thinking "Less garage rock. More stadiums." in order to make that happen they blocked out a few days at Barbershop Studios, most well known for producing Breaking Benjamin's platinum 2006 album "Phobia". Steven, Aaron, and Jay chose to track with engineer, Earl Cohen who is no stranger to commercial recordings. Cohen has worked with Lady Gaga, Pink, Will Smith (the list goes on).

"These songs are for everyone. Not just me. I want these songs to be mirrors you can see yourself in. Or panties, depending on how the night is going.
We've already done a concept album. Now were doing a album to drive fast, have sex, and do drugs to. Sounds good right?" - Steven Rosplock

All aboard the Phantasm Express next stop: wherever they want to go.


Impossible Machines (2012)
Approx. 28 mins.

1.What Makes You Tick
2.All I Need To Lose
3.Are You In Or Out
4.Get What You Want
5.Sho Nuff
6.Something Real
7.Think Twice
8.Told You So

Change The Channel: Live Concert DVD (2011)
Approx. 40 mins.

2.Better Off Worse
4.Found Nothing
5.Show Your Claws
6.Life On Repeat
7.Change The Channel
9.Graph The Pulse

Graph The Pulse (2010)
1. Graph The Pulse
2. Change The Channel
3. Better Off Worse
4. Found Nothing
5. Show Your Claws
6. Revenge

Vinyl Single (2007)
1. Irukandji

Clever Cunning Actor (2006)
1. C'est La Vie
2. Disasteroid
3. Cellar Door
4. Venus di Milo
5. Two Left Feet
6. Cheshire Effector
7. Sleepwalker
8. Hey Star
9. Divide. Conquer. Repeat.
10. A Saboteur Revealed
11. Cessura
12. Polyethylene Death Dream

Enter The Phantasm (2005)
1. S.C.R.A.T.C.H.E.S.
2. Comatose Sheep Parade
3. Rave Mid-alpha 4
4. Eye of The Storm
5. Shakedown

Set List

Typically sets last about an hour, consisting of nine or ten of the following original songs:

Two Left Feet
Change The Channel
Hey Star
Graph The Pulse
Better Off Worse
Show Your Claws
Found Nothing
Told You So
Life On Repeat

Most songs last between 3 -5 minutes.