"Underworld Porch Pop" Phantasmagonica is creating a new definition of sound. Sweet country twang with swift eclectic-blues branching off into experimental rock with a whiff of Buddah. Phantasmagonica is living the life... and when she isn't painting it, she's singing about it.


Singer/songwriter, Monica Newell, gathered a group of local talent in the sleepy underbelly of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They found a way to mesh the quiet sounds of anxious deer with the musical roots of a bohemian mountain culture. Most band members enjoy the sounds of rain on tin rooftops and thunder storms. Some of the band members enjoy the memory of teething.. When the world seems distant and scary, call your friends and make some music. If you aren't a musician, pick up a warshboard and spank the baby.


Newest Double CD debut:
"Secret Bunny Happy Wish"
Phantasmagonica & Friends

Set List

Exciting originals mixed with an array of hip-hop, blues, rockabilly, and country. Hot new tracks include: Cactus Flower, Nuthin' in the World, Declaration of Ever, Frankenstein"s Bitch and Robot Girl, are blended in with candid cover tunes from some the best known artists including Emmy Lou Harris, Beck, Hawkwind, Donavon, Billie Holiday, Elvis, Tom Petty, Patsy Cline, Victoria Spivey, and the list goes on.