Instrumental Groove Rock - An Eclectic Set of Material That Blends Rock, Electronica, Pulsing Rhythms, and Powerful Melody That Audiences Can Dance, Groove, and Rock Out To.


Phantasmagoria is a project that was intitally created by guitarist Aaron Pickens and percussionist Dominick Gray as a medium to create experimental music. The group truly came to fruition in spring 2005, with the addition of Ryan Wagner on keyboards, and Dan Hilding on bass. Phantasmagoria had played several shows showcasing their unique sound, and by summer 2006, they released their recording debut, entitled "The Karma Factory". By the end of the summer, a live bootleg recording was created and is still being distributed at live shows. In late September 2006, Dan Hilding was replaced with friend of the group Aaron Valdeviez. They are in completion of their second album entitled "Leap" which is due to be released early on in 2008. The band continues to create a sonic atmosphere that is sure to entertain.


Karma Factory: 2006
Phantaz Live: 2006
Leap: 2008

Set List

Main Menu
Mocha Moon
Mr. Coffee
Sao Paulo Horizon
Modern Viking Leap
Sky Carnival
Big New World

Sets usually last from 45 minutes to and hour and a half.