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"Signature Review Raw Ore gives a review"

Signature Review Raw Ore gives a review
Super opening to this track. The guitar work is cool. The bass and drums are really together in a great way in this track. The vocalist has a nice sound and the lyrics are powerful and interesting. I like the added effects on the vocal track. The drummer is for sure kicking some butt. I love the old school approach to the song. Nice loud guitars rule! I was hoping for a major guitar solo, but the bass solo was cool and the flute sound was very original. Overall I enjoyed the song from the begining to the end.
Reviewed by: rawore from Conway, Arkansas [flag]

I like the stereo panning on the guitar at the beginning. Nice production and mix - very professional sound. Cool suspense with the pedal point. The voice is good (just watch too much vibrato - it is hella 80s). I dig the living snot out this track.
Reviewed by: half from Wilmington, Delaware [flag] - Garageband

"Hey Phantom Black would Love to play your music on my Radio Station?"

Hi Phantom Black,

I just Heard some your Music and it is Wicked good. This is Radio Host WildWagon i do show called Dragon's Lair Which gets Broadcast Live on Sat. at 9pm est-11pm est at www. blogtalkradio. com/Wildwagon

I would like to play some your music on my Radio Station if you have or songs that i could play Live on Air to help get your music out there send them to it would be honor to play such Great Music on the Dragon's Lair. Well keep doing what your doing because it Rocks. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time.

From, Radio Host WildWagon at Dragon's Lair
- From, Radio Host WildWagon at Dragon's Lair

"Phantom Black Wins Windows7 Most Downloads"

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Flight From Shadow...LP
Zero Tollerance...LP
Time And Again...Radio Play
Forbidden...Radio Play
Sinergy...Radio play



Influences: The Doors, Metallica, David Guetta, NIN

Phantom Black: The Complete Biography

The group collectively known as Phantom Black formed in 1995 in their home town of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Five childhood friends consisting of two brothers Chase ZX [Vocals] & Duggy Fresh [Guitars] and their brothers-in-arms, Sparx [FX], Hoop Nation [Bass] and Timone [Drums] had been down the beaten path a few times too many. So the decision was made - unite to achieve a dream!

Phantom Black started out as a Metallica Cover band, but due to the mystic nature of the lead singer, Chase (heavily influenced by The Doors) began to construct their own music that would blend heavy rock with dark, psychedelic overtones. The result, a full-length, debut album fittingly titled, "Flight From Shadow - 2000 AD," that had been released in 1999 with Executive Producer - Larry Park. The album was recorded in Toronto at Phase One Studios and was produced by recording engineer, Eric Ratz.

Phantom Black independently promotes their CD over the next couple of years by performing at venues across south-western Ontario and just over the border to the US, in Michigan. Having four singles played on local radio stations K106.3 {Sarnia] and in Chatham on The Rock 104.7, Phantom Black achieves a great notoriety in this time and begins to build a solid and loyal fan following.

The ballad 'Time And Again' wins an inter-net award in Texas, USA for 'best written song' for 1 month. The single, 'Run' would be selected by Infogrames Software Company from Los Angeles, California (the only Canadian Song on an all-American roster which includes the likes of 'Fuel' by Metallica and music by Fear Factory and The Digital Assassins) for the video game 'Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open.' It is one of the best selling games for that year and had been released on three different platforms - Sony PS2, Microsoft Xbox and PC/Mac. The song 'Forbidden' would hold onto its no. 1 position on (on international website for independent bands; owned by Bob Rock) for 43 weeks as 'best hard rock song' receiving great reviews from people all over the world.

Phantom Black, who enjoyed modest success from 'Flight From Shadow,' were ready to start their next project - the album, 'Zero Tolerance.' The very sound of Phantom Black would radically alter due to the departure of drummer, Timone, from the band. Chase decided to not replace Timone with another 'live' drummer, but to instead, go with a more 'digital' sound via the use of a groovebox and synthesized effects. This decision was also influenced by the overwhelming success of hip-hop which Phantom Black personally enjoys listening to. But, Phantom Black didn't just stop there. Again, through the support of Executive Producer - Larry Park, the guys decided to acquire the computer hardware necessary to record and mix the new CD themselves. Again, they did not stop there...

Another decision was made to move the band and their entire gear to the other side of the world in Berlin, Germany and make it the place to finish recording 'Zero Tolerance'. The band wanted greatly to establish their identity on the international scene and also, to start making important connections in an attempt to penetrate a growing European market.

An intense nine months in Europe would produce a completed 2nd album entitled, 'Phantom Black - Zero Tolerance,' in which the album was recorded and mixed by the band in a very cool, Victorian-style flat in Wedding, a district of West Berlin. The CD was then mastered by Jans Reule at UFO Studios in Berlin. The music is completely independent and sounds as if it were recorded and mixed in a world-class studio. 'Zero Tolerance' can be described as a blend of rock, hip-hop and house.

The lead single off the album, 'Bulletproof', features a hip-hop artist named A. Dizzle from New York City who had been working in Berlin finishing his own project and who was on his way back to the United States to release it. He listened to 'Bulletproof' and had been informed that the song was not completely (lyrically) written and would like to add the missing piece because he liked it so much. He said, "It was the future - hip-hop meets rock in a furious head-on collision!" It was at this time that an idea for a first video would be born. A. Dizzle asked if he could direct it, having had previous experience with his own videos and another artist he had been working with, Angelina (up-and-coming R&B singer from Europe.) The band agreed and the 'Bulletproof' video was shot.

The band also decided to re-engineer two of the songs off the first album, 'Of Sound Mind' and 'Run'. They had different interpretations that needed to be heard. It so happened that 'Run' would turn out better then expected and so another video was shot in a tribute to its accomplishment.

Lastly, if shooting two videos and completing 'Zero To