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"Phantom Black - Home or Away"

Phantom Black Away or Home?
TORONTO - Breaking into the music scene can be both an exhilarating and daunting experience. While some bands somehow insert themselves instantly, others venture outside the immediacy of home, challenging their odds in a different environment and perhaps a more welcoming exchange in some regards.

Meet Phantom Black, an electro-rock group originally formed in Sarnia, Ontario whom have received most of their musical support, abroad. Why? Read on.

Q: Why do so many North American acts find large success abroad, in places such as Tokyo, the UK, or France?

A: I think many North American acts find large success abroad because primarily, the population is more dense. More importantly, however, their view towards culture and their way of life is different, despite the fact they are heavily influenced by the west. So for a touring band plotting a course through Europe or Asia, there are so many citiies that probably see a lot of western entertainment on TV, but are unable to see it first-hand - thus a band can be quite successful in this scenario and at the very least, they are able to survive as opposed to North America which is suffering badly from a slumping economy.

Q: How do you feel your band set-up stretches the boundaries of music today?

A: When monitoring the hits our website receives, the majority of it is coming from overseas. Again, I think in Europe and in Asia there still is a great appreciation for live music versus North American where the consensus would show that dance clubs are most popular. Although, the east is influenced by the west, the west ironically follows Europe for fashion and music and I think most art in general.

Q: What is more important in the songwriting process, catchy tempos/beats and overlays, or emotive lyrics and the mood evoked?

A: Always, catchy tempos and beats in the music is by far the most important thing in my songwriting process. In the end, it's always the music that moves people. Most of the time people are grooving to a song and have no idea what the songs is about. Initially, the beat will hook them as well as a lyrical hook in the song, which is why nowadays, songs are short and very repetitive. Often enough, it's a short-cut to thinking - but that's the way it works.

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"Phantom Black"

Phantom Black is an electronic rock band from Canada. To say that this band is progressive is an understatement. Intense and high powered rock is what the listener can expect from this band. In many ways it reminds me of Powerman 5000. Often, electronic rock is thought as a genre that is dis-connected from the mainstream rock, but these guys could not be more in tune with what rock fans want these days. Their music has taken them all over Europe and back. This is a band that knows its roots, and has the balls to explore beyond them with fury. This sound gets something going in you.

Songs I like are "Bulletproof," and "Of Sound Mind." Check them out at: - Paul Ruth @ The Independent Music Scene


1st Album: Flight From Shadow
2nd Album: Zero Tolerance

Down & Out
Of Sound Mind
Time & Again



"If Linken Park and Nine Inch Nails were to combine into one person...he would be Phantom Black," Mickey Jay.

Electro Rock meets dance - DJ - meets a dark psychedelic overtone! This fusion of various genres' merge together to create the unique sound of the Toronto based band, Phantom Black!

"When you think of Electro-Rock, you think of Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Method, Rob Zombie, and Celldweller. The one thing they all have in common is they are all apart of the late 90's and early 2000's. It's very rare that an electro-rock band can rise above and make it to mainstream, yet it has happened by a band from Ontario, Canada called Phantom Black," said Mikey Jayy at All Indie Magazine interview.

Phantom Black is an electro rock band from Canada. Intense and high powered rock is what the listener can expect from this band. It's a band that knows its roots, and has the balls to explore beyond them with fury. This sound gets something going in you.

Phantom Black, started out as a Metallica Cover band in 2001, but the lead singer & songwriter, Chase ZX began construction of their own music style that blends heavy rock with dark psychedelic overtones. The result, a full-length debut album, fittingly titled, "Flight From Shadow,” released in 2002 with Executive Producer - Larry Park. Recording engineer, Eric Ratz, produced the album, and was recorded in Toronto at Phase One Studios.

Phantom Black was ready to start their next music project 'Zero Tolerance.' The very sound of Phantom Black radically changed due to the departure of drummer Timone. Chase decided to go with a more 'digital' sound via a groove box and synthesized effects.

The band moved to Berlin, Germany to tour and finish recording 'Zero Tolerance'. After an intense nine months in Europe the band completed their second album, 'Phantom Black - Zero Tolerance.' The CD mastered by Jans Reule at UFO Studios in Berlin also produced two independent videos. 'Zero Tolerance' is described as a blend of rock, hip-hop and house – termed ‘electro-rock.’

This past year, Chase ZX did a tour of South China as a solo artist and is looking forward to getting back with brother Duggy Fresh and newest member, DJ Alex Freeplay to form a trio for Phantom Black. As an electro rock band, they have the opportunity of being unique and different compared to the usual rock band. They are ready to take over the US with a Phantom Black invasion!


The band has opened for the legendary Quiet Riot, Edwin, Big Wreck, Bif Naked and Our Lady Peace. They have also played with Side to Side, Dave West, Jimmy Wolf, Lucie Idlout, Central Nervous System and Morning Glory.

The ballad 'Time And Again' won an internet award in Texas, for 'best written song' for 1 month. The single, 'Run' (the only Canadian Song on an all-American roster) was selected by Infogrames Software Company, Los Angeles, California for the video game 'Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open.' That video was one of the best selling games of the year and released on three different platforms.

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2009- Licensed “ADRENALINE” to SUFFERFEST video

2009- Won featured artist for Microsoft Windows 7 for song “HUFF” as the most downloaded song in competition

2009- ROGERS TV- played “DOWN & OUT” live

2009- INDEPENDENTSCENE.COM – Phantom Black interview

2009- Interview with John Tamou from CHAOS Productions

2009 – THATCHANNEL.COM – played “DOWN &OUT” and “HUFF” live

2010 – Featured Artist at The Great Unknowns by Mikey Jay, Radio Host

2010 – Featured Artist on Tampa Bay Podcast