Elektra of Phantoms

Elektra of Phantoms

 New York City, New York, USA

Elektra's music with Phantoms can be described as a well balanced mix of high-energy cuts from traditional Konpa by adding Pop/Rock guitar drum"n"bass rhythmic tunes, and provocative lyric concoctions. Best known for her stage performances. *Konpa =Haitian popular dance Music.


Cassandre Joseph AKA Elektra dreamt and worked since she was young to be an artist, through singing, dancing, and acting, she tried to fulfill that dream when she joined Phantom 11 years ago. She thought that she had reached for the stars and realized her dreams.
Born in September a Virgo, in Petion-Ville, Haiti's Cassandre Joseph is considered one of the greatest artists working today. In Haiti, she attended catholic schools from elementary years, “Les soeurs de la sagesse de Petion-ville”, and “les soeurs de charity de Saint-Louis” for the early high school – equivalent to junior high in the US. She completed her high school in United States; she received an Award for Who’s Who among American Student for being the most recognizable and most athletic students.
A Multiple talented artist, Cassandre started dancing in high school where she was the top-captain cheerleader until she graduated. She joined one of the most prestigious dance schools in Trenton, NJ YADT (Young Adult Dance Theater) while attending MCC College of West Windsor NJ. In college she majored in Accounting, with a minor in Broadcasting.
During that academic period, Cassandre became an accomplished professional dancer expanding the reputation of the school dance by winning competitions at several talent shows in the tri-state area – PA, NJ, NY, and a first prize at the famous The Apollo. The school rewarded her by giving her own jazz, modern, and Hip-Pop dance classes, for years until she joined “Phantom”.
Attending one of those ecstatic nights that Phantom was so popular for, Sharon the lead singer having been absent, Cassandre asked and was granted to sing the famously enjoyable song “14 Fevrier”. That same night she was asked by the band to join as a regular singer. She immediately accepted, for she was joining a dream team, as she would tell anybody when she is asked. Her journey with her favorite band in the Haitian community has started. Cassandre traveled with the band from Canada, to Bahamas, to Japan, just to name a few.
Cassandre became Cassandra, not by her choice but by her fans. She’s come to be known for her spunky and energizing presence on the stage reminding people of Tina Turner, and a distinctive husky vocal that sets her apart from all females in the Haitian music giving her a unique mark. Her style described by many fans to be electrifying has later earned her the name Elektra that she now goes by.
During her career, She has been nominated and won several Awards. She won the 1997 “Zin” Singing competition. In 2001, She was among the Honorees for Haitian Divas Annual show Year. She won the honorable award for Female Artist of the Year at HME (Haitian Music Entertainment Awards) in 2003.
Elektra has never left her “phantom”, When the band is inactive, Elektra works with American artists of the hip-pop and jazz industries targeting a cross-over in the music market. As a person Elektra is appreciated for being polite and selfless, as an artist she is widely respected by the band for her loyalty and professionalism. She is one of the most promising female artists of Haitian music. In 2008, Her Journey with the band continues with a CD due this year, in which she sings several songs, one of them is a crossover world-beat type of song to move on to her solo album by popular demand. Although a “compass” singer in the band, in her up-coming solo album she will share her other side, a taste for the genre like soul, jazz Haitian Caribbean music.
Elektra (Cassandre Joseph) is a multi-talented female artist who hails from the island of Haiti. Her extra-ordinary journey started 12 years ago, with the legendary Haitian band, Phantoms. (Phantoms can be described as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones of Haiti, with performances that stretch out as far as Madison Square Garden and performing for President Mandela along with the Michael Jackson brothers in South Africa). She has traveled the world from Canada, to Japan, and she has five hit albums under her belt with Phantoms. Elektra has collaborated with Wyclef Jean on numerous occasions, and has performed on the same stage with Lil’ Kim, Mystical, Kassav, Michael Montano, Youssou N’dour, and many others. Elektra (Cassandre Joseph) was awarded Female Artist of The Year 2003 at the Haitian Music Awards (HMA) among other awards that she received such as Diva of The Year 2008, and the Achievement Award 2010 at the ‘5 Continents Academy Awards’. Elektra (Cassandre Joseph) is currently working on her solo.

In undertaking the task of proving that "Creole Music" is as global as any other music, Phantoms have become Haiti's "New Generation Konpa" musical icon. Founded in 1990, Phantoms have, through the years, only given their constant best at all time, and, without a doubt, carried their entire generation along with them for the ride. Their music can be described as a well-balanced mix of high-energy cuts from traditional Konpa by adding Pop/Rock guitar, drum 'n' bass rhyth


Ouvè Bariè Ya (1990)
Pa Bouge (1992)
D.C. Sou Kompa Live Vol
Rezireksyon/Resurrection (1995),
Best of Phatoms I and Best of Phatoms II,
Fly (1997)
My Way - (1999),
Phanttoms featuring:
Jose "Nick"Milord (1999),
10 Ans Deja (2000)
Fwet Kach (2003)
Danger/Danje- Single (2006)
Newly released "Oxygen" is now in stores

Set List

1-3 hours performance (all original material)

-Performances are custom made to suit small or large venues.

-SAMPLE PLAYLIST- ( 2 1/2 hours)
Phantoms’s Introduction: Musical theme

1- The Myth of Phantoms:
a) I want you back
b) So real

2-Phantoms in Love

a) A little bit of love
b) Don’t you know I love
c) Pression Lanmou

3-Phantoms’s Oldies
a) Pump up the volume
b) Mystere
c) March sou piga ou
d)Sharon solo-Victoire- acapela
e) Cassandra /Sharon – Fem ki komande (egual egaux)
f)Sharon Solo - “Ti souveni”, lanmou nan calalou, 14 fevrier
G)Mission impossible, Gran mou pa joue, Haiti, ki you pale.

4-Phantoms's Routine
a) Fwet kach
b) Danger/Danjer full version
d) Pa bouge
e) Lumiere de la lune
f) Vagabond

Now performing the new tunes from the Album Oxygen. 13 new songs