Phantom Trace

Phantom Trace


Phantom Trace was formed in Toronto in 2012 after a night of debauchery and mayhem. The high-energy band brings rock and roll back to its roots with infectious grooves, hard-hitting lyrics and memorable choruses that you’ll be singing along to.


Influenced by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses, Phantom Trace writes songs about life and, living and emotions. Hard rock riffs, catchy melodic choruses and grooves are what

Phantom Trace delivers a live show fueled by an insatiable appetite for sleaze and carnage. “They have a great stage presence and powered through their set….check them out…” – Rich Dillon, Decibel Geek.

Rock and roll the way it was meant to be – hard, honest, in your face and full of attitude – cathartic.we do.