Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA
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Different, International, and Energetic describe the music that Pharaoh makes. Integrating different genre's coupled with a unique voice, flow, and presentation creates a very distinct and different sound unlike any other artist today. Committed to only making quality music!


New, Unique, Fresh, Hot, all of these words are commonly used to describe the sounds and music of Pharaoh. Hailing from the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC, but rooted from the historical capital of the world, Egypt, Pharaoh brings to audiences of all backgrounds a sound unlike any other. Also known as Mr. International, Pharaoh brings sounds from all over the world, different cultures, instruments and influences to create music that can be played across any boarder. Intertwining European genres, Middle Eastern genres, Asian and Latin American genres, Pharaoh can be appreciated by universal fan bases.” I just want to make good music, outside of any stereotype restriction, or genre limitation, or even language barrier, I want to make music that everyone can say, in whatever language they speak,” that’s hot” – Pharaoh
Motivated to be the pioneer in an ever changing and liquid international world, Pharaoh strives to be in the forefront of the next wave of music and talent to make the world dance. Influenced by all genres and artists, some of special note lyrically would be Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Pitbull, T.I., Lupe Fiasco, among others…and among international influences would be, Frank Sinatra, DJ Tiesto, David Guetta, Wisin Y Yandell, Daddy Yankee, Masari, Karl Wolf, Ehab Tawfik, Amr Diab, among others…
Constantly building his resume, Pharaoh has worked with many artists such as Pelon, Wise, and “E”, while collaborating with many local and international producers, of special note Max Methods. With future projects coming in 2010, with producers from Miami, ATL, and Los Angeles, and with a work ethic revised to make 2010 the year that changes it all, Pharaoh is poised to make his debut to the world, and bring a new rhythm, flow, and music that is sure to be a crowd pleaser….all over the world!
With the release of “The Introduction” the first mixtape from Pharaoh, released in May 2010, Pharaoh was determined to broaden his horizons, develop himself as an artist further, and collaborate with a wide spectrum of artists on his next project. Pharaoh underwent what some may call “A Transformation” which is the theme and motivating idea behind his next mixtape (Title yet to be determined), set to be released in mid-fall 2010. Pharaoh reinvigorated with more drive and enthusiasm then before due to the developmental assistance of his management team, Lala Entertainment, and the wide array of talented artists being introduced in this feature mixtape, it is sure to be a proper presentation of his best work to date. With artist and producers from all over the country behind him, from Atlanta, Florida, Los Angeles, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, Pharaoh plans to bring to the table another mixtape full of different tastes and crowd pleasing productions. Pharaoh truly believes and states “If your not a fan of my music yet, after this mixtape…You will be…” With special featured artists as John Michael, Johnny Juliano, J-Rum, Epik, Best Kept Secret, and many more, it is sure to catch the ears of any listener, no matter their musical preference.
With an interest in hip hop, club bangers, R & B, and top 40 type of musical genres, Pharaoh is sure to broaden the spectrum of what most artists classify as defining genres. Pharaoh plans to show the world that artists can not merely be defined by one sole genre, that music is music, and great music is made across all genres…Nearing the completion of this fall 2010 mixtape, Pharaoh is also looking ahead into the future for his next projects and is always open to working with new, enthusiastic, and talented artists. If your a fan of the music, and an artist yourself, don’t hesitate to contact management at Lala Entertainment for collaboration opportunities.
Stay tuned for the next mixtape to drop…as it truly is worth the wait!


"The Introduction" - Mixtape - May 2010

"The Transformation 1.0" -Mixtape - January 2011

"The Transformation 2.0" -Mixtape - February 2011

"The Transformation 3.0" -Mixtape - March 2011