Pharmatronik is an adventure in space rock twinning soaring guitars,challenging lyrics with an attacking melodic edge destined to capture the listeners immediate and lasting attention.


Pharmatronik is an electro-post-punk-space-rock band based in the Birmingham area of the UK. The band consists of David Smith, Paul Saunders and Paul Taylor. The three write songs that have strong melodies and hooks along with a unique edge.
Influenced by most genres and eras of music from the 1960's through to 2010 the music is written by Smith and Saunders, with words provided by Taylor. Smith and Saunders experiment with sounds and musical textures when creating their aural landscapes.

Live, the band play an expansive and huge sounding set featuring loops and keyboards. The trio are a real power unit.

The band have written and recorded their debut album over the last few months, with some tracks being mixed by Dare Mason, who has produced and mixed for artists such as Placebo, the Church, Cinerama, Blow Monkeys to name a few.

Pharmatronik recently released their debut single through itunes and are currently looking for a label to release the upcoming album. Smith and Saunders have also recently remixed a track for LA-based musician/producer 'Pocket' which features vocals from indie-legend Tanya Donelly which will feature on the last of pocket's collaboration EPs.


Feb 2010 It Might Mean Nothing ep (itunes)
6 April 2010 Pocket ft Tanya Donelly-Jars of Fireflies(Pharmatronik mix)-release on 24 Hour Service Station

Streaming music on :

Currently getting BBC radio airplay with the track Tripwires and booked to play BBC radio session in May 2010

Set List

Setlist length when headlining 1 hr 15 mins

Wonderful Freak
Elephant God
It Might Mean Nothing
The Lakes
Something that you like

Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen in Love
Jonathan Richman-She Cracked