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I'm a young Australian male, I was born and grew up in Brisbane, Australia. I went to Catholic Schools growing up. I have been into music since i was very young whether preforming in church doing sung solos, to working on my own music in my spare time (producing Instrumentals, Writting Lyrics and Home Recording). At the age of 15 i was heavily into bands such as Limp Bizcut and Rappers Such as d12 and Eminem, Tupac, Ice Cube and Dr Dre, I would say these are the influences on which my rap started around. I would write lyrics in class when i was bored and practice freestyling with my mates. I did my first home recording of my written Raps in 2003 when i was 16, It was far from what i would call decent delivery but it was a start. I continued writting lyrics and practicing freestyles from then on, but it was only when i went to Italy for 4 weeks and was reading a biography on Eminem that i realised there was more to lyrics than just acting tough. So for those 4 weeks i would sit in the appartment me and my family were staying in and try to develope a new style. It was a sucess my lyrics were improving but they still weren't unique to my experience. After returning from Italy, I stumbled upon a very bad scene and got heavily involved in it, my writting continued but it was all about the missadventures of me and my supposed "mates". So i guess my lyrics were finaly relevant to me but they were still very childish rhymes using alot of punchlines and explicit content. Though during this time i was heavily involved in freestyling, sitting around the stereo and having freestyle battles against my mates. I would do it at parties and at gatherings and anywhere i went that someone was willing to freestyle against me, even the train station. I started to get a reputation as a reputable freestyler. Over these years i may have home recorded 5 written songs and 4 freestyles. The delivery of both (freestyle and Writens) was highly elevated from my first attempt at recording songs the year or two earlier. In 2005 i faced the biggest dilema of my life. It was a time of great confusion and soul searching. During my time in this state of mind I took 12 weeks collectively away from everything except my family. I guess you could call these 12 weeks a Retreat to find myself and distance myself from the scene i was involved in. I had alot of time to myself to think about anything and everything aspecially my last 2 and a half years of mistieve. So over those 12 weeks i was writting franticly, with all my practice and experience of life i was finaly able to reach a level with my lyrics that would express my emotions, tell a tale, and give a good message to the masses aswell as myself. This was the turning point in my approach to Rap. I finaly found that my lyrics had a deep meaning to them and i could write something and come back to it months later and understand what i was feeling aswell as where i was at in my life at the time of the writing. Over this time in retreat i also decided that i was going to make a concious effort to try an better other peoples lives in anyway i could including my music. After this period of 12 weeks I lost contact with all of my old so called "mates" and decided to further my education, and finish what i had left behind in the past. I finished the parts of my Senior Year of High School that was necesary to get into University. Giving me more experiences and storys to tell through my music. At the start of 2006 i started at University, Doing a Bachelor of Arts, which not only allowed me to persue the career path of a psychologist but also allowed me to further my musical knowledge. In May 2006 i was sick of trying to find free instrumentals on the internet that would fit the topics for my Rap. So i decided to start exploring the world of Producing. It is now August 2006 and my Producing has improved much so from May, I have also done a live preformance along side Australian Beat Boxer Joel Turner and The Modern Day Poets infront of a live audience of 200 people at The Chalk Hotel Brisbane. I have also continued working on my delivery, structure and wording of my Rap. Now my lyrics are unique to my feelings and emotions, thoughts and actions of my experience.