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The best kept secret in music


"United Kingdom"

It's always nice when a CD comes along that is completely impossible to categorise. And this is one of those beasts. At times it's a little bit new wave, then it's a little bit prog, then we go all big melodies, imagine IQ crossed with Radiohead and you might get an idea.

There are some stunning arrangements, and a nice use of alternate sounds, particularly the strings that dip in and out right on cue. They also go for some spacerock style keyboard sounds that add a dramatic and somewhat gloomy edge to the music. Having two different vocalists can sometimes ruin a band, but here it makes for an almost play like scenario, interweaving stories and emotions.

The highlight of an outstanding release is "Regret", straight to the point, bordering on melodramatic, but reining back in just in time. It's definitely a bit different, but the diverse influences meld together beautifully. Available from their website, and well worth checking out, if you like some swoon with your swoosh. - Space Rock

"Hard to Categorize"

Here’s a band that mixes Britpop with Classic Rock and peppers the whole thing with a bit of Goth flavor. They sound somewhat like the Psychedelic Furs, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Only Ones crossed with U2 and the Cure. Twelve tracks of finely crafted pop with soaring harmonies tailor made for indie pop radio. If your in to dreamy type songs full of hooks then check them out. - Ear Candy Mag


Like the Cure at its most accessible, Pharrah Phosphate proves that gloomy tones and catchy melodies need not be mutually exclusive. In addition to other noteworthy crestfallen C-bands (Church, early Cult), this Portland quartet recalls '60s stoner sounds; its tunes bleed black through a smoky psychedelic haze. Pharrah Phosphate should prove especially enthralling for anyone whose alphabetically organized CD collection moves from Badfinger to Bauhaus to Beatles. - The Portland Mercury

"Online posting"

PHARRAH PHOSPHATE is yet another one of those bands That RadioMike has gained a growing appreciation for Centered in the United States (Oregon actually), but lovingly tracing certain of It’s roots to British Indie and Britpop. It is no surprise that they are Damn good at it, too. If the powers that Be paid more attention to All of this great Indie, the music Industry wouldn’t be looking for such a Scapegoat in File sharing as the crisis of the Moment. - Radio Mike


Pharrah Phosphate Self titled 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 1995...four friends decide to channel their creativity and love of music into their own brand of rock and roll. They work their way into the studio with a collection of songs to record even before playing their first show or deciding on a name. What follows is some modest gigging success, some local airplay, several awards for "band name of the month", and a break-up worthy of Behind the Music.
Fast forward to 2003, these four friends reunite, older, wiser and seriously jonesing for a taste of the old chemistry they had been lacking in subsequent musical endeavors. What follows is a new Pharrah Phosphate, one that channels their creative energy and tension into original, emotive and atmospheric rock. Songs are written in a democratic process, by four members with far ranging musical tastes, which lend to a sometimes familiar yet impossible to pinpoint sound. Sometimes kitschy, but always catchy, Pharrah Phosphate uniquely blends Britpop, Classic Rock, Goth with a touch of Mod for good measure. Two vocalists share lead vocals-different yet complimentary to each other and the bands shared vision. They are anchored by a rock solid rhythm section and sweetened with three part harmonies. The band has recently caught the attention of Tim Butler, cofounder and songwriter of the Psychedelic Furs, and opened for them on their last tour through Portland. Pharrah Phosphate is currently working on new material on which they plan to collaberate with Mr. Butler soon.