BandHip HopFunk

With hardcore rap and West African percussive rhythms over funk and r&b. PhartFace has reinvented new trends to rap music.PhartFaces music surpasses any sound that is hiting mainstream radio today.PhartFace is so flexible that they blend perfectly between Rap/Hiphop, Rock, Pop, R&B, and Funk.


The PhartFace band was organized in Washington DC, in 1999. they blew the DC local scene away with their first hit "Stand Back" in the summer of 1999. They immediatly earned the respect of DC's hip-hop & pop/rock cultures. PhartFace has perform with many national artist including Li'l Kim, O'l Dirty Bastard, Li'l Jon, Kelly Roland, E40, Manny Fresh, Eryka Badu, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ludacris, Amerie.

PhartFaces influence vary from artist like James Brown, Chuck Brown "the Godfather of Go-Go", EU band, BackYard Band, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, JayZ, and Li'l Wayne, George Clinton, Snoop Dawg, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

Whats sets PhartFace apart from others is that we alway bring a DC Go-Go twist to any genre that we attack. Our grooves always bring flair to any party. PhartFace has mastered the art of keeping the sounds of the streets "raw" but refine. Also, PhartFace brings that new skool sound that old skool lovers can enjoy. There is no other band in comparison to PhartFace.


Albums:Stand Back,HoodLife, Art of tha Go-Go

Hit Songs:Music & Booty, 98' Killas, Unibomber, Thug Passion (Go-Go remix), 91' Dope Jam

Set List

Thug Passion, Unibomber, 98' Killas, FreeStyle, Popeyes Chicken, Tiddy Balls, She's A Hoe, I'm Smacked On L.O.V.E, Ransom Note, (Music & Booty)

Sometimes we like to unexpectly change our repetoir by adding one of these songs:

Forever Funked Up, Deadlike Child, Silence in tha Streets, Park Avenue Ni99az, 1-4 Zone 4 Life, When My Ballz Hit Tha Floor, Ladies I Love, Rainbow Monkey Ballz, Red Carpets, Bodies in Tha Street, Tha Water Dance, These Nutz, or LockedUp ButtCheaks.