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For the Sleepless - EP

Current Radio Single - The Innocence of Ignorance

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Ear deafening and heart wrenching are two descriptions not often heard in the same breathe. But for the screaming, die hard fans of Phase 9, that’s exactly what you get: A breakout band that expresses themselves with deadly guitar riffs, haunting melodies, tortured lyrics and an earth quaking rhythm section. This band delivers a live performance of such turbulent force that their audience has no choice but to hold on to the closest stationary object. If you are tired of the whining, droning cookie cutters then please give a warm welcome to…Phase 9.

“Our music has the emotions without the crying. It holds substance and relevance to past experience. We take pride in the effort that goes into each song,” explains rhythm guitarist Anthony Natoli, whose sensitive harmonies and jagged rhythms add to Phase 9’s distinct character.

The tale of Phase 9 begins in 2004, deep in the suburbs of Long Island, New York where the band came together through various musical projects. Vocalist Kenny Truhn met lead guitarist John Secolo and drummer Nick Carbone in high school. They formed a band and played throughout the island eventually sharing bills with Natoli and bassist Lauren Sauer. As the 5 members came together as the newly formed Phase 9, they quickly realized that their combination was lethal. Each song better than the last, they envelop listeners with both delicate melodies and violent guitar shredding. From the spirited urgency of “The Ignorance of Ignorance” to the destructive fury of rock anthem “13 Against 2” and onto the achingly beautiful ballad “Back to Sleep”, Phase 9 reminds you of the best day of your life…and then the worst day of your life.

“We capture certain feelings and emotions,” reveals Truhn. “We like to make you think and develop your own realization and interpretation; we’re edgy and soulful and melodic… so take it from there and run with it.”

The Phase 9 live show is where their music is truly realized. Prepare yourself for a visual and oratory assault of the senses. The stage allows the band to constantly reinvent themselves. This band is musically beyond their years, with an approach that pushes, pulls, and then tangles their audience in the music. Lead vocalist Truhn belts out a gut-wrenching vocal to exercise the demons of his lyrics. Bassist Lauren Sauer, the “praying mantis of rock”, will seduce you with her looks then eat you alive with her chops. Don’t be fooled, gentlemen! Complicated and driving drumbeats accompany each song as Cabone leads his counterparts with the precision of a laser beam. And the guitar styling of Secolo is reminiscent of rock greats like Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page.

Phase 9 is well on their way to global domination with a rock solid sound and a devoted fan base that continues to multiply daily. With a hint of sarcasm Truhn declares, “Pop in the CD, download the songs, and then tell me what you think. If you don’t like them then I’m sorry; we’ll try harder for you next time.” Fortunately, it doesn’t take a second listen to understand the brilliance that this band emotes. And although Phase 9 is barely old enough to vote, their songs are not far removed from the raw emotion of teen angst and the passion which envelops them. Yet they’ve developed a mature sound that appeals to a vast audience. Pulling influences from bands like The Deftones, Glassjaw, Van Halen, 36 Crazyfists, The Beatles, and Incubus, Phase 9’s “goal” for the band is very simple: Rule the world with Rock ‘n’ Roll.