phased foreword

phased foreword

BandHip HopWorld

a conciously driven project of two newly formed emcees/beat makers. an equal amount of effort is put into the lyrical content and the beats/production. representing the 416 hip hop scene in all elements


the group has been together for essentially a year, when the idea of application for a factor grant came into play and the switch from frequent rhyme ciphers at parties turned into a project (a successful one at that)


the amount of effort and pickyness of each track has been the only burden (if one could call it that) of the group. Phased Foreword now has a 10 song ep being sold hand to hand or in various underground hip hop stores.

Set List

1. exodus 2. the grab 3. c&c 4. drinkin' 5. area code check 6. fund 7. r n' beat.....this is usually followed by a freestyle cipher or else some other tracks depending on the crowd and how the rest of the set went