Phase Four

Phase Four

 Rockland, Massachusetts, USA

Formed in early 2010, Phase Four is a high energy rock band that plays a wide range of material from Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder to The Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. Firmly rooted in rock, blues and funk, the band is made up of four veterans of the Boston area music scene. The goal was to create a unique blend of cover and original material that would excite audiences and make them want to come back for more. In less than a year Phase Four has played and booked a variety of shows througho


Paul Diggin – Lead Vocals
Thom Knight – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Tony Rossi – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Mike Fopiano – Drums and Backing Vocals

Paul has played throughout Eastern MA is a variety of cover and original projects. His strong soulful vocals and ability to sing a variety of different types of music, has allowed Phase Four to tackle a wide range of material.

Thom has been playing the local scene for many years in some of the area’s most popular cover bands. His rocking, yet tasteful, playing is a huge part of Phase Four’s signature sound. From funk to bluesy rock, Thom plays it like it a pro.

Tony has been holding down the bottom end for cover and original bands for many years. Whether it be alternative rock, progressive rock, blues or funk, he has played it all and played it well. An excellent musician, Tony is also one of the nicest guys around. He may often look serious on stage but don’t be afraid to chat him up at any of the shows.

Mike is the new guy in Phase Four. A veteran of the local music scene, Mike is a powerful but tasteful drummer. He has the skills to hold down a groove as well as rock with the best of them. Phase Four is excited to have him on board.


Phase Four has performed 4 times on 95.9 WATD in Marshfield.