Phase One & Asa Buchanon
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Phase One & Asa Buchanon

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Crystal Axe" (2011)
"Cosmic Strawberries Featuring Tess" (2011)
"We Goin/Confunk-Shun" (2010)
"Round & Round" (2009)
"Love to the World" (2009)
"Feel Like (Thing)" (2008)
"Uncle L Tip" (2007)
"Play (it) Again" (2007)
LP: "Phase One & Asa Buchanon Presents Bugnanas"(2010)
Mixtape: Phase One Presents "Phasing the Music Mixtape" (2008)
LP: Phase released his solo album “HipHop, Rap, The Taboo, Life Music & Soul" (2006)



Phase One and Asa Buchanon, both Bronx born artists and long time friends have become known for their distinctive pure hip-hop debut album, "Phase One & Asa Buchanon Presents Bugnanas". The collaboration was named after a word coined by Poison Pen, and as explained on the album's intro, Bugnanas is a hybrid of 'bugged out' and 'bananas'.

The critically acclaimed album "Bugnanas" featuring videos and hits such as Confunk-shun, Crystal Axe, We Goin', Cosmic Strawberries, Round and Round and has collaborations with artists Poison Pen, Tess, Lucius, Chester Gregory, and Rocki Evans. They are currently working on their second studio album as a group.

For the last few years the New York based emcee and producer team have performed in venues such as the Knitting Factory, Nuyoricans Poetry Club, Santos Arty House, Bowery Poetry Club, SOB's, Public Assembly, UV Lounge (Reverb Nation),The Point, M1-5, Video Music Box's Christmas Party, Uncle Ralph McDaniels' Birthday party (which aired on Video Music Box), among others venues.

Phase One

Ricardo Isaac known to the music world as Phase One was born in the Bronx, and began emceeing and freestyling at the young age of 11. He became serious in 1998, when he first started recording and performing. Highly influenced by the early 1990's-2000 music, and mentored by Breez Eva Flowin and DJ Static, from the Stronghold Crew, Phase released his solo album “HipHop, Rap, The Taboo, Life Music & Soul,” a critically acclaimed debut, displaying a young talent and a raw sense of lyricism. A fervent and animated emcee, Phase can effortlessly freestyle and flow of the top of his head.

In 2006, he recorded “Phasing the Music”, at DMS Country co-executive produced by Sonny Korinthos and Phase One. Released as a mixtape, it is a diverse piece of work and conceptual album hosted by Rugged N Raw, who takes over a radio station to only play Phase One's music. The mixtape produced by a variety of producers: Asa Buchanon, Te-1 productions, The R.L., DJ Static, Notic, and Sonny Korinthos, included live scratched by DJ Static, complete with skits, showcased the emcee's lyricism, humor, musical strength and versatility.

During 2007 - 2009, Phase One recorded his third full length album, “De Ja Vu All Over Again” which was put on hold and still is unreleased.

Phase’s colorful personality and genuine down to earth spirit translate in his music and this emcee clearly displays his intention to bring a level of dignity, character, and fun into hip-hop music without compromising any of those things to attain success. His high energy stage presence, lyrical skill and craftsmanship are the caliber of an experienced artist, who undoubtedly moves the crowds, minds, and hearts of many.

Most recently, Phase and Asa, long time friends in real life, conceived and comprehensively collaborated on the album “Phase One & Asa Buchanon Present Bugnanas". Phase One hand selected from Asa's best tracks, wrote specifically to the beats, and all the while Asa customized and fine-tuned each song's production. The album was recorded, mixed and engineered by Ariel Borujow of C4 studios based out of the legendary Harlem Grammy Nominated "Stadium Red Studios" , who is also a long time friend, supporter, and collaborator.

Asa Buchanon

Born Tom C. Coleman in the Bronx, Asa Buchanon began as a student of music and became a fanatic at a very young age. By the age 13, he started Deejaying and shortly after grabbed the microphone to emcee. As his love for hip-hop grew, and because he wanted the perfect beats for his rhymes, he created his own beats, and the producer in him was awakened.

Influenced heavily by the golden era, late 1980's - late 1990's genres of hip hop and music, Asa has developed a unique, distinguished and eclectic sound. Sonically identifiable like many great producers, Asa's sound is old and yet new, and he meticulously takes time to craft, arrange, and customize each song.

Always producing attention grabbing beats which break the mold of normal and homogenous, Asa's production is anything but monotonous and he demonstrates this with his complete production of Bugnanas, a project conceived based on the chemistry that Asa and Phase had in working on unreleased tracks such as 'Feel Like (Thing)', 'Love to the World', 'Uncle L Tip', and 'Play (it) Again'.

Asa had two releases in his career in the 90's, one from Earplay Entertainment and one from his own independent label, co-founded and owned by Asa and his brother, Akin “Ock” Jackson. Asa has also worked various other artists such as Hasan Salaam, Tess, Mohammad Dangerfield, Provalone P, M.Island (winning an award in 2004 for UMA song of the year, 'Be Easy'), Chester Gregory, Bill Ray, Nolo, and many more.

When it’s all said and done, “Bugnanas” would like to inspire and encourage listeners and fans that they’re trying to build a path of their own.

“People are always looking for the next new thing or