San Diego, California, USA

Hailing from San Diego, California, -phasers/on/stun- is a 3 piece hard rock band who believe that the song is what's important. Fusing heavy guitar with their angular indie rock roots, p/o/s play hard, melodic and mind riveting rock music that sweeps away all doubt that these guys are faking it.



Risen from the ashes of their previous San Diego indie rock projects, Buckfast Superbee and Spell Toronto, The three members of p/o/s : Timothy Joseph, Daniel King and William Driskill came together in the summer of 2010 to create a new project that projected their shared love of intellegent and moving rock music. As long time friends and collaborators, the three musicians quickly found footing and began crafting and fine tuning songs almost immediately. One month in, the band had an albums worth of material and the momentum wasn't showing any signs of slowing. By early october 2010, the band found themselves recording their debut record at the infamous East/West studios in Hollywood with producer and friend, Robbes Steiglitz (Van Halen, Massive Attack, Rammstein). The record was recorded live with minimal overdubs. Raw power and grit provide the energy for a set of songs that will make even the most critical rock listener give pause. The result is what we've all been waiting for: a rock band with songs that move everything in a new direction. The idea is simple, write songs about things that are vital, play them with such conviction that they become vital to whomever listens. This is exactly what phasers/on/stun is about. For real proof, just listen.


I'd Like to solve the puzzle

Written By: joseph/driskill/king

love is on your side no matter what comes down
because love is blind until the truth is found
don't harm yourself, leave it up to the world to put you through hell
and as this tension mounts, you've got to live with your doubt

drowned and left unseen, your confidence fades into dreams
you've got to live with your doubt don't you give out

try to push away, the droning of your mind
and thoughts that separate you from your insides
you've got to live with your doubt
it keeps on coming around, it's falling out of your mouth
and left unseen, it fades into your dreams


phasers/on/stun LP