Phase Two

Phase Two


Turtablist Meets Electronic Jam-Band With Life Like Instrument Plug-Ins. Fantastic Blend Of Sequenced And Natural Musical Elements.


Debuting As DJ Phase Two in 1996, Patrick Williams has been constantly creating and distributing his unique style of electronic material. Co-Creator of the Sound Proof Coalition with Grammy Award winning artist Sid Wilson, DJ Starscream aka #0 of Slipknot, and Russel Siems, DJ Universoul. With his debut album as Phase Two, "Overhead" is an excellent cross reference of the musical styles he has enjoyed playing as a DJ all over the world. Adaptability is this artists best quality. Expanding to a 5 piece band on a festival stage or down to just one guy in a DJ booth the quality of his style is never sacrificed.

Touring as an Electronics Technician and Sound Engineer with the band Slipknot from 2003-2005, Williams was able to perform and distribute his music all over the world. Some Notables:
Winter Music Conference, Miami 2002, 2003
Big Day Out Festival, Australia 2005
Summer Sonic Festival, Japan 2004
Rock Am Ring, UK 2004, 2005
Rock Am Park, UK 2004, 2005
Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen 2005
The Cathouse, Dublin 2004
Whistle, Philidelphia 2006
Club Mint, Buenos Aires 2005


"The New Rhythm" DJ Mix 1998. Sold=775

"Somegroove 1" DJ Mix 2001. Sold=350

"Somegroove 2" DJ Mix 2002. Sold=575

"XM Sattelite Set" Free Download 2005. 1700 downloads

"Overhead" Debut Album 2006. Sold=375

"I Love It" Single 2006. 2000+ downloads

"That's Right Through" Single 2007 1100 downloads

Set List

Typical sets can range from 1-4 hours depending on circumstances. Anywhere from 8-15 songs depending on set times. There is enough original material to prevent the use of cover songs but we do know alot of the standards for funk and jam bands. The ultimate goal of our sets is to send the listener away feeling like they experienced something new and inspiring. All songs incorporate turntablism, scratching and traditional instruments in some form.

"The Bounce", slow funky trip-hop

"Trackese", experimental hip-hop interstitial

"Peoppolis Funk", tribal house w/saxaphone

"Take Hold", mash-up, hip-hop, psychadelic

"Know What I Mean", hard house w/ rock guitar

"Re-Creation", inspirational acid house

"Head To Toe", funky vocal trip-hop

"Nasty Vibrations", hard house, psychadelic

"G Funk", instrumental jam, any instuments

"Pathic", upbeat tribal, melodic house

"Thats Right Through", haunting trip-hop

"I Love It", old shool hip-hop remix