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With a blend of old school fundamentals, with a new age approach, Phatal presents himself as a breath of fresh air to the Hip Hop community.


These very simple observations of my life motivates me to make music that relates to what I know. These days every hip hop artist out there feels the need to fit into one of these categories...not Phatal!

Ever since he heard hip hop, he accepted that there was good artists, and bad artists. And more often than not, the bad artist were saturating the airwaves. This is when Phatal decided to take a pen and pad, and carve out his own niche in the music industry.

"It sucks right now," Phatal, 25, said in a recent interview with The Pocono Record. "I just can't get into much new music these days. That's why my music has a more old-school feel to it. Cuase back in the day is when people we're trying a lot harder, instead of sellin out."

After years of practice, networking, and refining his skill, Phatal was finally ready to expand into live shows. This oppurtunity was realized in November 2005 at The Platform Hip Hop Fest, hosted by DJ Cap Cee.

Now it's almost 2008, and Phatal is determined to charge forward. With a steady stream of collaborations from the US to UK, and a desire to make music other artists are afraid to make, Phatal is confident that once people hear his sound, they won't be dissappointed!

For Phatal's full newspaper interview in The Pocono Record, click the link below:


2007 - H8trid: Suprise Entrance
2007 - Phatal: Graphic Surgery
2007 - S2R: The Movement
2006 - The Marxmen: Cut Throat Music
2006 - H8trid: Support
2006 - DJ Abyss Pres. The Best of the Lehigh Valley
2006 - The Marxmen
2005 - The Marxmen: No Trust in the Wicked

Set List

Phatal's set list can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes or more. Songs are usually all original, with an occasional remix thrown in from time to time. Set list changes up fairly often, as Phatal likes give the fans new music, so it's almost always different.