Phat Munky

Phat Munky


Phat Munky is a local band from the South Florida that have been "wowing" audiences since they came on the scene. You'll hear a mixture of covers played and sang better than the originals, and the Munky's originals--a unique blend of funk, soul, and rock.


Phat Munky defies the laws of music with their own style and unique jamming ability. Anyone within earshot of a Phat Munky performance will be dancing nonstop to the groovin' sounds of the Munky. Fans are in awe after a performance.


"Bliss," "Still Sober After Midnight," "Humble King." Visit for sample music.

Set List

Sets include 4 original songs and music from Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Suck My Kiss"), "Bohemian Rhapsody," Beatles medleys.