Phat Phunktion

Phat Phunktion


"A Band on the Rise" - Rolling Stone "a great, funky as hell band that will shake the rafters." - Phat Phunktion is an nine-piece tour de force combining polish, smoothness and the raw energy.


A group of music students at the University of Wisconsin -Madison formed Phat
Phunktion (pronounced like Fat Function). They have built an
enthusiastic and loyal following in the Midwest and throughout the country. A nine-piece
tour de force that combines the polish of top 40 with the smooth feeling of 60 ’s soul and
the raw groove of 70 ’s funk, Phat Phunktion is today one of the most talked about bands
in the Midwest. Their self-produced CDs have sold in the thousands, and their live shows
sell-out virtually everywhere they perform. In their home town of Madison, WI, they regularly
attract record crowds of upwards of 5,000 people for their shows, and they have
made numerous appearances at the Madison Blues Festival,Milwaukee ’s Summerfest, and
the House of Blues in Chicago. In addition, they have been featured on “The Jenny Jones
Show,” Michael Feldman ’s “Whad ’ya Know?” and most recently in Rolling Stone Magazine,
where they were singled out as a “band on the rise” for 2003.
Keyboard player Tim Whalen and saxophonist Al Falaschi have been the driving wheels of
the group since its inception; generating much of the original material and supervising
recording sessions, but virtually all the members of Phat Phunktion are singers and
contribute to the original compositions and arrangements that drive the crowds wild.
It is truly a mutual admiration society, and when the group gets wound up on stage, there is
a feeling that anything can happen and often does.
Phat has shared the stage with musical legends The Temptations, Tower of Power, WAR,
Cameo, Morris Day and the Time, The Original “P ” (featuring original members of Parliament),
The Average White Band, Chick Corea, Maynard Ferguson, Taj Mahal, Rick James, Clyde
Stubblefield, and The Brothers Johnson. Their dynamic stage show and incredible musicianship
have initiated thousands of faithful “Phatheads” that are now spreading the word. With their
first Nardis Music release, the rest of the country can now discover what the Midwest has known
for a long time.
2005 is the year for all of us to get Phat!


Rock Star

Written By: Tim Whalen and Al Falaschi

Baby can't you see how it's gonna be
You keep walkin' the line
You say you're living free - no responsibility
Just please don't spill your wine

Hey now baby
don't you think that maybe I won't spread the news
That you can't really sing your blues

ROCK STAR - don't you wanna be
HOW FAR - from reality
you sing your song for no one and they love your melody
ROCK STAR - don't you wanna be
HOW FAR - from reality
no one really loves you but you think you hear them scream

Baby can't you see all the little thieves
They keep feeding you lines
You say they all want you - find a piece of your inner truth
"Hey woman, what's your sign?"

rock star, you stand up on your stage
thinking that the world is in envy of your style and grace
rock star, be careful what you wish for
you're feelin' too high but stevie warned you before
how far, from reality it's insanity
your propensity for vanity is your liability
don't deny, deep inside you're a ROCK STAR


Written By: Tim Whalen and Al Falaschi

Willow weep for me, hanging down low
All these days I've seen passing by slow
Always on my mind, it's all I can see
One thing I know for sure is love don't come free

on my way - struggle to reach the light of day
and i know - this just might be my time to grow

Willow weep for me, nothing to say
Losing my innocence, and time can't repay

on my way - struggle to reach the light of day
and i know - this just might be my time to grow

Always look in my eyes
Don't push away
If life is like a book, don't look back
Turn the page

Now I'm on my way and I won't look back
But I'll dream of you tonight
Gonna face my fears holding back my tears for you
I know you'll be alright
But now it's my time to grow


"Soul Juice" released in 2005 (combined songs from the first two albums plus one previously unreleased song)
"You and Me" released in 2004
"Here We Go!" released in 1999
"Phat Phunktion" released in 1997

Set List

Mostly original music with a few covers thrown in here and there.