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Phat Tater


For a new era of music, comes a new style of music. Mainstream songs, with underground overtones. Phat Tater Heavy Alternative music with catchy chorus' and memorable hooks.


For a new era of music, comes a new style of music. Mainstream songs, with underground overtones. For 15 years the Phat Tater has been creating music, always growing and adapting to the “Up to date, original sound”. Writing well over 500 songs, the Phat Tater has an arsenal of music at their disposal.
In later 2003 Chuck Bigras went to New Jersey and cut his first solo cd, Phat Tater : Unsocial. Recorded in just 7 day's the 10 song cd has been getting alot of great feedback. After working on alot of submissions and promotion, the Phat Tater is ready to start to get a live act.
Now merged with old friends Jon Wells (Fleshy Headed Mutants, Godflesh) on drums and brother Joe Wells ( Left, Godface) on guitar,and Kerry Starr on bass. Phat Tater will be developing new songs and is now ripping up live shows.

Still to this day the Phat Tater is hard at work with creating new songs, always improving on their writing, singing, guitar, bass, and drum playing. Trying to find a home for their music, and get it out to the world is what Phat Tater's dreams are. It’s what they love to do, and what they will always to till the end.


Falling down

Written By: Music: Lyrics : Charles Bigras copyright 2003

Confined: Neglected – cannot break free

Hopeful: Mortal – there is something for me

Rejected: Neglected – infected with your disease

Tired: Expired – someone help me

Nothing can change my mind

Is this the way for me?

Broken truth discovered the sign

Is this the way we see?

Falling down, drowning

Suffocated and exfixiated

But through the clouds

With hopeful thinking

Away from this world that’s killing me

So you want me

So you want

To stop thinking and shut up


Phat Tater : Unsocial 2003 ASCAP
"Falling Down" has gotten a good response with reviews and some airplay on college, and comercial radio stations, also finalist at "Knowledge", and "Hold On" also with some radio airplay.

Set List

Set is about 45 minutes to an hour.
Let It Go
New Day
Falling Down
Not My Fault
All Out War