Phatts Mcnatt

Phatts Mcnatt


We're a two- man group that got this distinctive sound by conglomerating a vast amount of our influences into a funnel that constantly evolves and digests our musical hypotheses,resulting in a primal, groove- oriented,Jazz influenced style with a brand spankin' new approach and sound...


We met 13 years ago and have been hangin' and honing our crafts intensely for the past 8 years. We grew up listening to The Chili Peppers,Fishbone,Primus, Living Colour, Jimi Hendrix, Helmet, The Police, and Bob Marley. Half way through our musical paths, we began listening to and studying jazz. We've been inspired by the likes of Miles Davis, John Coltrane,Thelonius Monk,Sonny Rollins,Kenny Garrett,Ray Brown, and Elvin Jones to name a few. We became deeply rooted in this art form without losing any connection to what we grew up with. While our thirst for knowledge led us to Berklee College Of Music,Cincinnatti Conservatory Of Music, and Central State,we continued studying,listening,digesting,subconsciously creating, and churning the magma which was always inside of us........ thus spawning the phetus we call Phatts McNatt! We are a two-man group consisting of electric/upright bass and drums that unleash high- octane grooves. With open minds we organically intertwine aspects of traditional music from around the globe, creating a distinguished sound that is difficult to convey with words, but is naturally conveyed in our music.


Kotur-The Wheel and Phatts Mcnatt's debut album Welcome To Smakenpluk.

Set List

Our songs are 100% original and usually are delivered via 60 minutes of high-energy grooves.