Phatty Phatty and the Roaches

Phatty Phatty and the Roaches


Life's about having fun. The Hindus have a monkey god. Maybe you're taking life too seriously. Kick off your shoes, it's time to dance. Our music is a happy sideline to a pretty serious world. Not just reggae, not quite world beat or rock. Simple songs of love and good times bouncing along a highway


Phatty Phatty arrived via The Mothership in Vancouver, BC, Canada sometime just after the year 2000 (details can get hazy). The Phattys play an extraterrestrial blend of reggae, dub, ska, with a taste of just about anything else. Bring yer dancing shoes to a Phatty's show (blue suede if ya got em), cause that's what's it all about!


"Stanley" - released November 2009