Phat Williams

Phat Williams




Ezra Roszunn Williams was born on October 19, 1986, in the city of Birmingham, AL. Williams is the 4th of four siblings. He was brought up in a little town called Pinson; were he was taught to respect others, as well as his elders. Williams was raised by his mother(Pam Ruff), a single parent who had a lovely talent to sing and write; among other things. Williams’s close family(the Ruffs), were well respected, and very spiritual; teaching him the wrongs and the rights and why.

Williams grew up mentally in the church, sitting of course, but learning new and better things. Singing was indeed, something that he wanted to do; only because he wanted to be as good as his mother. At the age of 5, Ezra’s mother signed him up for the Easter program at their church. Williams did great, and every saint and sinner heard about his wonderful performance. "God has shown more than just words or songs... he’s shown Beauty."

. "My goal is not to be conceited, not to take away from the world; I want to give back, and also show people that anyone, that has a talent should use it to fullest. Don’t hold back for noone, cause only God can take that away from you. I want to let the world know that there is a God; no matter what music you sing or what you do; he is there...."

Ezra is currently 19yrs old, and is looking for places to perform, an act of paying gigs. All information will be provided to contact him....

Set List

10 songs, 2 tracks from each album or more.... 1 hour sets. song titles vary.